Friday, June 24, 2011

Okay Let's try this again..


Peridot (G+P) said...

Fucking hell, I'm at least a week behind on your Vlogs. Stupid sodding exams and associated breakdowns! Mig asked me how you were the other day and I couldn't say coz I was a week behind on everyone's blogs! :'(

kk, gonna push the play button now! I've missed you!

You have epic sayings :D OMFG I MISSED THE BEACH D: Yay assertive :3

Woot 18day streak! I bet this run will be even longer :)

I need to do a people-purge too. Not good to keep toxic or triggering people around, no matter how hard it can be to sever contact :/

maintaining is good :D When I first hit 58 I maintained for a year to try to break the idea that I could keep going. It didn't work, I'm still wanting to kill myself with this shit. I've set an utter floor at the point just before I lost my tits. I know I'd look godawful with tits and ass like deflated balloons, and hopefully vanity will save me!

I don't want you to be ANY of those things for me. Just a friend.

I thought you were leaving Blogger. So many people have left and died recently I automatically assume the worst.

Lol, it's not "recovery" its "levelling my health skillz" think like a gamer!

From the inside little changes are hard to see. Its only when you take a long look back or have the outside perspective that you can see the changes.

You remind me of my favourite mis-remembered quote:
"Don't let the past dictate who you are. Let it be but a part of who you will become"

Lol, he said WHAT?!? Mate, his car in in better nick, he has better night driving skills AND you need to be at home for Miss.B! Lol, I bet he didn't even THINK about you having to get her to school >.<

OMFG DISNEY WORLD!!! I've been to Tokyo Disney land and it was AWESOME!! You'll love it! My nearest Disney is, um, an ocean over? Gold Coast Australia? The food is very expensive there, make sure what you get is worth the money taste or nutrition wise. I really wanted to get clip-on bambi ears when I was there, but they'd run out so I got a raccoon hat instead :D I wore it all the way back to Musashi Urawa station so they had a real reason to stare at me.

Lol, normal people exist? Pics or it didn't happen :p Jk jk! Doxepin could cause me to gain, but I don't give a flying fuck right now. I can always lose it again when I'm not a crying wreck beside the knife block!

Ok I need a cuppa. It's a freezing cold saturday (Under Fahrenheit) and work sucked all the heat-making energy out of me. Brrrrrr.

Love you <3 Sorry I misread like a twat!