Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Under pressure


perryfuckinA said...

Oh my Minxey.
How I despise to see you cry.
First off because you make me get all emotional as well.
Secondly because I wish I lived closer to you.
You're too strong, I don't think there was ever such a human being I've ever come across like you.
You are made for this life, this intolerable, mean, harsh life.
You are a survivor, a wall.
There is nothing you can't face.
I am in awe of you.
You are never vulnerable even with tears running down your face. It's okay to be sad, I don't ever deny that from you, but tomorrow we must be strong, get back on track.
Tomorrow, let that fire in you show out all the obstacles. You can do anything. From the moment I've met you, you've been a firecracker.
You're my cheeky bird, and I love you.
Your bloke isn't the most ideal with dealing with your disorders, but who really is?
Only you can.
Give the wanker some slack,(can't believe I'm encouraging this)
If he loves you then you will both find a way.
If you're reading this "wanker" then ease up on her or she will bolt.
Stronger men have faltered.
She's strong, but she's also soft.
She needs someone to listen and not judge.
She's a tough one, but she's also just Lou.
Sweet, caring, considerate be there for others when they don't deserve it Lou.
When you feel she least deserves it, that's when you have to love her the hardest.
Trust me Mate.

Be strong, love.
You will prevail; and so will your little princess.

Ellie Belle said...

Men say stupid things, I think it comes with the penis ;)
I found this site that is supposed to help parents of "overweight" kids. I liked some of what it says, maybe that will help you a bit so you are not feeling like you will hurt her self esteem.

See if there is any info on there that can help you. Than being said I dont think that you should stress too too much about her weight. Because of the obesity epidemic Dr's are really on the look out. Your daughter just might not be done growing into her height yet or just at that awkward stage. Its not like she is obese and at a health risk. I would look at this more like prevention, to learn to eat healthy (which I wish my mom had taught me).
You are an amazing mom and she is going to grow up to be as marvelous as you.
Big Canadian Bacon Hugs.