Thursday, December 19, 2013


So Wednesday was the day to figure things out.
I had a long night of no sleep.
It's been cold here at night and my Insomnia is being triggered.
I had a rude awakening via texts from my boyfriend.
His ex was back in town indefinitely and that means disruption of everyone's life.
Looks like a standstill, or at least it feels like that.
I compare it to pharmacy life and putting prescriptions on "HOLD" as we call it.
In pharmacy life things get put on hold because of unsolvable issues.
So real life seems no different.

I wish I could say this woman back in town doesn't bother me because it does.
It means uncertainty in my relationship. A toxic, very demanding personality in town needs addressing and my boyfriend is caught in the middle of it all.
Most likely she'll be seeing him everyday on account of her son that my boyfriend is caring for in her absence whilst she does her own thing.
I have trust issues with him as it is,  he's never had the best track record with me and this doesn't help the most needed closing divide.

I wake up and start my day.
I head to work.
I run into a manager that was the initial reason behind Secret Santa game at work, I tell her to please try to decipher the name I pulled because I just can't. She does and tells me that she knows everyone's Secret Santa, no one understands the handwriting.  She's had to decipher all the tiny folded up pieces of paper.

The Mystery is solved the name starts with and M of all letters.
I punch in and start my job with the floater pharmacist. I put my music on for the both of us and do my job well.
No hiccups or rude customers just one smooth day all around.
After work I walk around Downtown Miami to see what on Earth can I buy a person I've said a total of 20 complete words to.
While walking about someone grabs my arm and gives it a yank.
I turn around surprised and see a familiar face.
Another coworker who I've dubbed Darkwing because his name sounds like that.
He's having sushi on his lunch break, he's sitting outside in the wicker bistro set outside the café. The sunny spot is very inviting after spending three hours in the cold pharmacy.
I sit with him and we start to talk which is nice.
I steal a French fry off his plate and he wants to split his tuna seaweed rolls with me but I must decline as I don't eat fish.
He's a Vegan and tells me so at least a few times a day.
He asks me what are my plans for the afternoon, I tell him I'm on my way to AT&T first; I have my first bill and a salesclerk who've I befriended and has promised to waive a 49$ activation fee from my bill. Second on my Agenda is shopping for a stranger.
He and I exchange Secret Santa info and I pry further. His Secret Santa is actually a very lovely red headed Manager who I just absolutely love.
Every time I see her  its all smiles and jokes. I tell him about my person and asks if he knows much about her since he works in the front store with her.
He tells me he doesn't know much about her except she doesn't like sweets.
He also tells me he doesn't like anyone outside of work except me. He says I'm very cool and funny, that he usually likes to laugh and I seem to give him some chuckles everyday.
I have noticed his unfriendly decline at work with others except me.

I also had something brought to my attention recently from a mate of mines.
"You know what I absolutely adore about you? You like to make people laugh, you like to make them smile, even people you've just met. I think laughter puts people at ease and helps them let their guard down. You do that a lot, you like to joke around and that's very sweet in my eyes."
It's true, most every exchange I have with anyone is something that starts with a funny.
I'm glad I can at least do that.

I stay with Darkwing until his lunch break is up and head to AT&T to solve my billing issues.
My salesman is with another client, his head down adamantly reading something, when he looks up he smiles wide and so do I, I wave and silently mouth a Hello not wanting to intrude on the customer he's caring for. He asks me what's wrong, I waive my first bill at him and he understands.
when he's done with the man ahead of me, he very quickly explains my bill and deducts 49$ from my $130.00 DSL bill.
This means I only have to pay 80 on Friday, and that's a relief.
I walk Downtown some more completely clueless as what to buy this very quiet coworker.
I absentmindedly wander into a Hello Kitty store and that helps nothing. I finally pull myself away and just decide to head back the opposite direction to Bayside and find a Victoria Secret.
I'll get her a perfume set.
Inside Victoria's Secret I'm bombarded with so many fragrances that make my sinuses hurt.
They have plenty of sales and so many perfumes I'd love to get myself.
I end up spending 26$ on a $25 dollar sale item. The set I get includes a perfume, body spray and lotion.
That all to familiar stripped pink bag is in my hands and I feel good.
It's been a nice day full of resolutions.

My daughter gets dropped off to me later that day, my ex still not talking to me, even avoiding eye contact.
I shake my head and sigh heavily.
I talk with my daughter for a bit and she goes on the very awesome laptop that the gorgeous Elisa has donated to me (what a doll..Muah!) to play...MINECRAFT!
Oh sweet Peridot, she's a mini you!
I don't pretend to know what Minecraft is, I think I called it Minequest once very confused as my daughter is very fickle with things she obsesses about.
Maybe my dear Peridot can further explain to me what in the world do all these pixelated things mean?
As a matter of fact, she's playing something called MineClones? I guess it's a knockoff; I was trying to download the actual Mine game but didn't know they charged for it.

I'm having trouble with Ed as usual because today I want to eat a Boston cream doughnut and have a French vanilla flavored Iced coffee.
Unfortunately the problem with me wanting to eat is that Ed doesn't let me.
So finally I succumb to just the coffee and give the doughnut to my kid instead.
I feel bad about Christmas this year so I decide maybe I can overdraft on my account to at least get my daughter something, at least one gift under our very tiny 3ft X-Mas tree.
I start to ask her on the walk to 7-11 what she wants from Santa..

She wants:
                 1)MineCraft game.
                 2) A giant robotic Dragon (I think it was) she can ride
                 3) A Unicorn
                 4) A kitten
                 5) Little Pet Shop Toys
                 6) My Little Pony Toys

I had to explain the first three are out of the question, I told her the game Santa can't make in his workshop, he's not tech savvy.
I told her the second one was too big for our small house.
The third was extinct and Santa is forbidden to bring things back from the dead.
I told her the kitten was out of the question. We have two kitties already.
As we talked more on the way back I started to pry about her Dad and was shocked to find out something that made my heart shatter further.
My ex hates that there is another man that comes every weekend, he hates that I 've moved on with my life.
He also drills my kid about what goes on over here on weekends.
My daughter tells me that he knows nothing but she finally spilled the beans and said Mommy he knows and gets mad that I say Michael (my bf) doesn't come over, so Daddy punishes me by making me sleep in the bed for 1/2 hour.
I can't play with toys, or my Hamster or watch T.V.

I cried so much yesterday you can't even imagine.
How dare he punish her?
She's 9, she's done nothing wrong.
How can he punish her for things and people I have over to my apartment that I pay all the bills to?
My poor baby :(
I don't know what to do about my ex.
Clearly we need to have a sit down and discuss this.
I don't know if that would even help matters as clearly he is very angry and most likely this will end badly in a fight, maybe even a possible physical altercation.
I'm scared of him, I'm scared he will hit me, or choke me or worse get really drunk one night and lose his shit, getting back at me thru my daughter by offing her and then him.
I don't think he's in his right state of mind.
I think he's still holding onto the idea of us getting back together or something but it's been about two years of me being on my own.
I've very much have moved on with my little life, working again, paying bills and even finding Love in the most unexpected way.
I wish he would just move on with his life. Be happy himself. He's s still young and could move on.
I don't hate the guy I just hate his attitude.
He and I were together since I was 14yrs old. I've grown up so much since then.
After his infidelity so many things, fundamental life altering things have happened I've become a whole other person. The girl he knew is dead, in her place is someone who is just aware of it all and is very much just tired. She is trying to live.
If only we could all just be honest for once without consequence but that's not how the world works, God we mind what we say so much.

Anyways, I'm very stressed out and sad about this.
I hate confrontation but it has to be done.

I got no sleep last night and got up so tired for work this Morning.
I head to work and there is another floater pharmacist there.
He and I get along great as I've worked with him before. He says he's buying a commercial space soon and opening up his own pharmacy.
I jokingly say I would gladly work for him and he says yes, I'd like that too.
Dragon calls the Pharmacy and tells the floater I am only scheduled for two hours this week.
When he's done talking to her he is upset by this and tells me to talk to Supervisors about her drastically cutting my hours.
I reassure him that when Preggers gets back things will change for the better again.
After I punch out of work at 11 am, I head back to Bayside and just walk around looking at things, doing nothing, enjoying the time to myself.

I decide to overdraft on my bank account and buy my daughter some My Little Ponies.
I go home and wrap up gifts.. I'm happy that I get to tell her I got home from work and there are presents under our little tree.
The happiness goes away when my boyfriend tells me he's with his ex going to Walmart.
Here we go..
I get so upset I finally just say enough.
I don't want to hear any explanations at all.
I'm very tired or worrying about what could happen, if he'll be okay, if I can trust him anymore.
I send him a final text to please leave me alone.

I just can't have one more thing to worry about.
As much as I love this man, this all seems so complicated and I already have enough of that.
I think I just need my space right now.
I need to just cut out that unnecessary jealousy.
I don't like who I become or how I insecure I feel, I'm trying to heal my body and soul but keep finding it difficult.
I think he pussyfoots around his ex too much, constantly worrying about taking a stand and making her be accountable as a Mom and person.
I get upset and recall a huge fight we had where he misconstrued something I said and fought with me calling me a faggit and threating me over nonsense. How big of a Man he was talking down to me, and how he can't be like that with her.
How he can't just tell her what's what.
I feel like a wimp even writing about this, as this is not my place to say so, I can't make him do anything. I can't force my opinion on anyone.
He has to work it out for himself just as I have my own crosses to bear with my own ex.

The only thing I know how to do is just step back.
Right now, I just need to go away, let them work out their issues.
I know anything I say is wrong and I don't want to fight.
I hate fighting or trying to get my point across when it's futile.
Like I said, I need my space.

Today I've taken too many laxatives, I haven't had a single thing to eat.
I'm drinking and just avoiding everything because I just have nothing positive to say.
I feel very hurt and confused and that's okay, I'm allowed to.

I feel bad that I can't even send out X-Mas cards to you all.
I'm that broke guys.
I have to make rent and figure out working on Christmas break. My daughter will be out of school until January 5th I think.
I have a store on the beach that needs me Tuesday but I'm worried if my car can even make it there.

I'm trying to lose weight again.
I've managed to workout today finally and find myself doing random leg lifts or lunges during the day. Anything to burn off calories.
God I hate myself, I hate this body!
Most days I spit in the mirror at my reflection.
I hate who I have become.
I wish I could feel different but it doesn't change. Nothing seems to change or at least I'm too fucked up to see it.
Sometimes I miss the past, I miss when I was really sick and losing so much weight. I miss BONES.
I miss hip and ribs protruding. I miss compliments that were actually just shocked reactions to my altered appearance.
I miss "You're too skinny."
I don't get that anymore.
That's just a distant memory now.

I'm sorry for being so negative, forgive me.
I love you all and you manage to still talk to me despite this completely different Darkness in my life that strangles me.
You're all too sweet and most deserving of many blessings.

The end of the year has always been the toughest for me.
That doesn't change.
And neither do I apparently.

Well, I think I will leave you all for the night and try to sleep.
I love you all so much and very much wish I could be more positive for you all but thank you ever so much for sticking with me despite this despair that takes over..

We'll talk again very soon.


Peridot (G+P) said...

Oh man. . . how do you explain Minecraft?

I gigantic sandbox world 8 times the surface area of the earth made out of cubes. Bad things appear in the dark.

If she ever gets stuck with anything GO HERE:

Minecraft is coded in Java, which means it's a memory hog. It crashes laptops so easy. I have to get the 'Magic Launcher' and use it to install the Optifine Mod which makes it run a lot smoother and not crash so much.

Ok, I'm going to get her Minecraft for christmas because the exchange rate is still pretty good. I'll get you a gift code to put into the minecraft site.

Your ex and my brother both need to be tied into sacks and dumped in the ocean. Ugh, what utter wastes of space.

Take care of yourself as much as you can, ok?