Saturday, June 27, 2015

Down the hatch

Tonight I drink RUM!
A full one liter bottle and a shot glass.
I have actually had to work for four hours at the pharmacy on a Friday night of all things which is not my usual M.O but beggars can't be choosers.
I've just barely closed the work week with 30-ish hours. My paychecks have been lighter than I'd like.

The work day wasn't too bad, I got to work with a floater pharmacist who talks to himself a lot, the down only down side was putting away the truck which included 6 crates of medicines.
My one horrible customer came in the form of a 5'9 ft cunt.
She had no medicines ready and didn't too much care for the idea of a 10-15 minute wait time.
"Why do I have to wait so long? It's just one pill and there are no customers?"
God people, I could play you... here look at this and then you will go through a typical day with me. Look at all the dumb shit I have to endure.

It's awful, the same repetitive nonsense, the audacity these morons have.

So back to the Amazonian cunt.
She and I had a back and forth with words about why she felt she was entitled to not wait around like everyone else. The more polite I was, the more upset she became.
"I don't need to get into any discussion with you, you work at the pharmacy."
I told her I didn't care to get into a discussion with her either and smiled. Smiling always pisses rude people off.
"With teeth like yours, I wouldn't be too happy to be smiling." she thinks she's outwitted me with the lowest form of interactions, personal jabs at someone's outward appearance.
She said she didn't want to wait and that she would pick up her Fluconazole tomorrow morning.
"So, if I come tomorrow, it will be done then? Since its so complicated to put a sticker on one single pill tonight."
I just about want to slap her but I can't because you know, common decency and all.
Instead I take the high road and simple say...
"Yes,you can pick up your yeast infection medication tomorrow morning, it will be ready.'"
The look on her face.
She made sure to ask me my name to which I proceeded to spell my name just in case you know she can't read and all..
Work is the worst.

I have a 1 week vacation due on July 5-11..
I'll be spending 3 days kid free in Orlando with my sister.
I'll be happy just to get away from this place for awhile.
I'm incredibly moody and frustrated. I'm just over it all already.

In weight related news I have managed to maintain a steady and Ludacris weight class.
Purging has become a daily things, laxatives not so much, definite bouts of long starvation are also apart of my daily diet.

I feel unfulfilled and stuck in a rut with just about every part of my life.
The minute I start to complain I have the "other people have it worse speech."
Yes I know other people have it worse out there for numerous reasons, but I'm not other people, I'm me and I have a right to feel pissed off about the fact that this is my life and I'm unable to change it because I'm too scared to do anything at all.
I want to bitch and complain and cry, by golly I can and will.

I'm sorry for depressing posts, right now am trying to find time and means to get a new-ish laptop with a webcam and an older windows software program on it like Office or something.
I've seen newer laptops but their windows office software which I utilize for novel writing has now become a monthly or yearly subscription and frankly I don't have that kinda time (money).
I feel too lazy to make any further choices other than poor ones.
I miss writing and vlogging, I miss being 100lbs, I miss my short hair, I miss socializing with people.
I'm just missing out.

I'll try to post again soon-er rather than later.
Hope you are well.
Congrats on a few of my lovelies that have tied the knot recently.
I wish you sheer happiness.

Goodnight for now, will drink rum and do my best Captain Sparrow impersonation.

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