Friday, January 4, 2013



Peridot (G+P) said...

Hello from teh future.

I got your package and it was amazing. Thank you so much!

I hate busy weekends! I hope you get a restful one very soon.

Ultimate co-opt science project: Little Blue the NZ Black Robin/How conservation saved the Black Robin. Man I used that for every teacher until they caught on XD

Why is it nobody else gets on board when you try to declare 'Entire Department Naptime'?!?

Wtf, he dumped the dog on you?!? NOT COOL! Pack Leader yourself all over that dog. You Give The Orders, It Obeys.

Lol, orange juice? Animals get animal food, not people food. Should I address him a 'How to care for dogs' book? o.O He'll kill it very soon.

/facepalm. Sausage dogs are made of rubber?

If he can READ and knows his symptoms, he can sort it out for himself like a fucking adult! Wow, AssStick has a use? OMFG THE ALPACALYPSE IS COMING!

Fuck all I ask from the weekend is no more binges. Probably too much to ask, ne?

I hope you have a good one. Take care and stay warm <3