Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year's loveies!!



Dylphe said...

You look amazing!!!!!!!!
...happy new year

Anonymous said...

You were far and away the sexiest woman there ;)

I Love You,

Tu Hombre

Peridot (G+P) said...

Hair? Hair hair hair hair.


You made some amazing positive changes despite the horiible emotional shit of last year. I hope the good things continue and push out the bad this year.

Lol I wondered where those random blonde hairs around my place were coming from. I thought it was all my greys falling out but they were still in my head!

You know how to dress yourself ^.^ He can hush up about it, you look GORGEOUS.

Fuck there is no tip big enough to compensate anyone who would have to see my feet. Never had a pedicure. Oh man you made it sounds so good and I'm not a foot person!


P!nk. You look like a pretty, girly version of P!nk!

Not lying -.-

Miles and I see eachother about that often too. 3 years and there are people who have never seen us together 0.0;

Depression does that to you, it makes you fuck up the best things to sabotage your happiness. I hope you can both drag you towards long-relationshipness.

Wow that was a whole pig? I wondered what it was. Poor piggy needed a glaze or something. We need to get my Dad over there next time you're spit-roasting something.

Ooooooooooooh I'm in awe of your behaviour-free day. I hope you can wiggle your way to more time for you and being happy this year.

Fuck, just. . . fuck. *Hugs* I hope things turn out ok.

'Forego' is a word :)

Have a good New Years day and kick 2013's ASS!


Jenn said...

You look SO sexy girl!!

I'm doped up on painkillers with ice in my crotch so I can't write a lot. But, I love you!!!