Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there who are fighting the good fight. I know some of you are struggling in your daily life. Being a single Mother is hard. You bear the brunt of it all.You wear many hats.. 
I am a working mom, depressed mom, eating disordered mom, tough mom, lonely mom, tired mom.
Every day I wake up and can't believe I get to start the day again, different if I can.
No matter how fatigued I am, how tired of this life I am, how willing I am to finally give up, I hear my daughter say "Good Morning Mommy."
And just like that, I can't.
As broken as I feel in my spirit, hers would be equally so if I ever really checked out of this life.
I'd rather continue to suffer in my sadness and go on so she could have a chance at something.
Not turning your back on your responsibilities as a parent is what sets you apart, it's what makes you a Mother.
Anyone can push a baby out.
Not everyone can raise a child in spite of their means, their capability.
It's what you do that defines you.
I know I've had hard choices, but through it all my daughter is the only reason to try. To keep trying when I feel like I can't possibly go on.
I'll never turn my back on her. I can't give her everything but I can always be there for her. She needs her Mom.
Mom's teach you lessons, Mom's teach you love.
So I'm all alone now, in tears because I have ED now demanding his pound of flesh.
Tomorrow is another day.
A new start to the day. What will you do differently?
I'll be here for starters, the rest of the day is a gift.
"MOTHER"S DAY" Vlog here on YOUTUBE..enjoy


ruby-tuesday said...

Happy Mother's Day Lou!
Your daughter is blessed to have you as a mother
You inspire me so much
You are battling this cruel illness ever single day and yet you manage to raise an amazing child
Your strength shines out of you
And the thing I love about you is your honesty
Also your ability to retain a sense of humour
I think it's so important to be able to laugh at ourselves
Without that outlet we would truly go insane

Enjoy today Lou
Keep your daughter close and celebrate the beautiful relationship that you have

I've probably said this before but you were one of the first blogs that I started to read
You inspired me to start my own blog and to be as honest as I could be
To expose this monster for what it truly is

Keep fighting Lou
Keep being your lovely self

So much love to you today x

Peridot (G+P) said...

You are a frickin' AWESOME Mum and I am so proud of you for continuing to endure hell so Miss.B has her Mum.

You are just amazing. Simply amazing. I could never manage to be a parent, you are so incredibly brave. An American Lioness. (Look them up, they're BAMFs just like you!)

I finally found some sheepy insoles! I don't know your size, so I got ones you can hopefully cut down. Could I possibly ask your current postal address so I can send them to you? Are you still having Postie problems? Should I have it made sign-on-recipt or tracked?

Arohanui <3