Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Laundry Wars

Okay I was going to do this differently but I'm effing pissed right now so will vent a bit.

phew ok.
I've just been to the laundromat.
There are only two working dryers, there's a third but it blows only cold air (of course I get stuck with the dud.)
Anyways, there are three large washers and three small ones that work. Two are broken.
I get to the laundromat and there is this Spanish couple with a toddler and a daughter that's maybe five yrs old.
My kid immediately starts playing with her which is fine.
My original plan was to just drop my clothes off, time it and return only to put in dryer.
I didn't bring my phone or even a book.
The woman is the one in charge of the laundry it seems, her husband stands idly by trying to not piss her off.
She took all the little washers.
My game plan consisted of two large washers and one small one.
This bitch wanted the whole lot.
So I figure I would cut her off at the past and stake my claim on the two large washing machines.
The third washer that sits in the middle, I already know has a problem with the door latch so I steer clear of it.
She decides to claim all the little washers so I'm fucked.
I decide to wait then, I just needed a little machine to wash my bathroom rugs which the cats have pissed on sometime while I was at work.
She made a crucial error choosing the little ones first thus stuck with the wonky large washing machine.
I can tell this lady is a huge cunt because as I was loading the first washing machine, she told her husband to stuff every piece of clothing they could in all the other machines.
After I see what's she's done, I don't bother taking out the rugs. I need a little washer and I see this will be a long ass night.
I bp earlier but that's another tale for Friday..
Shit I have carpul tunnel from writing all week.
It hurts to type this.


Peridot (G+P) said...

Omfg I hate bitches like that! Do you have enough space at home for a washing machine? How much does a decent 2nd-hand one cost over there? Is your mail still being fucked with? Do you have a paypal? I can donate to Get-Lou-A-Washing-Machine fund :)

Do hands/wrist tretchys and put your feet up, you've more than earned a break.

Arohanui <3