Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New year?
What's so great about it?

I'm exhausted. I don't know if you all are aware or not but the beginning of the year aka January is the worst time a year to be a pharmacy tech.
Every year Insurance Companies confuse everyone with terminating coverage's or not reissuing replacement cards in time. The average Joe Plumber has no idea that's anything's wrong until something's wrong.
And of course the evil Pharmacist and company must also be behind all of these high copays or lack of ready fills. So no one was pleased to hear me say 'Do you have Insurance? Do you have a new card? Your medication's copay has gone up from $0.00 to $375.99..'
Ugh I hate people today. I hate Obama Care.

I've been on HOLD most of the day with Insurance companies. I could probably hum every sad stupid holding song they play. It's the same for everyone I called, typical phone calls go like this.
"If you're a member press 1, for English press 2, For EspaƱol oprime el 3..Please hold wait times are significantly larger than usual." pfft no shit!
God everything had rejections today.
No one left the pharmacy happy.

Today sucked and I was tired. I worked with New Mommy Central today aka as Preggers sans baby.
This is my second time working with her since she's had the baby. The baby is adorable now 3 months old.
Looking at baby pics makes my womb ache.
Working with New Mommy Central is different. She's breastfeeding so that means we have to accommodate her breasts into work. They are like two new hires working with us.
I also have dubbed her New Mommy Central because she's all about baby talk.
She told me two stories today one of them involved her breast milk spilling out milk after baby latched off in a dramatic fashion via sprinkler. Then story two involved her newborn not pooing for 8 days and an emergency trip to Pediatrician in which doc told her breast milk is essentially absorbed all into his body, there would hardly be any waste and then she went into details about the coloring of her sons poop (it's mustard colored btw).
So yea work is different.
She must pump at certain times so last time she pumped in employee bathroom and she hated it. Today I told her if it was okay for us to put a screen or curtain in the back of the pharmacy there she could pump it up all she wants, she loved this idea and so I made my very first impromptu pumping station in the back for her.

In January they are cutting hours again but it kind of works to my advantage because I have been floating on the beach all week.
New Mom Central gave me her blessing to not work at my home store on days I didn't want to if other stores were going to give me more hours.
I love it!
You know why??
Well my lovelies its because I can avoid working with the dreaded Dragon!
For instance there's a store near my house who just lost a tech so I get first dibs at that store and I'm going to tell my home store not to schedule me on Monday or Tuesday next week which would be the days I have Dragon.
I can't work with her, she doesn't do well under pressure and right now with all this Obama Care shit she will go nuclear tomorrow.
I have no choice but to work with her on Friday but as of next week no!
I'll go back to my home store on Wednesday and work with New Mommy Central and all will be right in the world.

I've been working a lot. I even worked Wednesday which was a holiday so I got time and a half.
I have new connections to other stores and I love it.
I even met a celebrity last week, Miami Heat Coach Pat Riley who stopped by.
My boyfriend loves him and the Miami Heat so you can imagine the size of his eyes bugging out in glee.
I also got to speak to Gloria Estefan from the Miami Sound Machine. She was going to bake cookies for the pharmacy and bring them by on Christmas.

My week has been busy but good.

I like floating, it suits me.

I got my Secret Santa gift from a coworker I love, this very sweet man who makes me coffee everyday. He got me a basket from WalMart that has  lotions and smelly bath stuff.
I don't care for baskets.
But I faked a smile and hugged him profusely giving him a peck on the cheek.
It's a funny story actually because I didn't know he was even my secret Santa until halfway through my shift. I saw him in the morning and he kept staring at me expectantly to which I responded "Yes? where's my coffee?'
Later I found out it was him and we both had a good chuckle about it.

I worked Tuesday a very long shift at the chaotic store which turned out to be New Year's Eve.
I was supposed to work at my home store in the morning and with Dragon of all people.
I decided to text her and tell her I wasn't coming in because I had a longer shift at another store.

She wasn't too pleased even went as far as to tell me she bought me a Christmas present. (I saw present today, she gave me a mason jar with ingredients to make hot cocoa, also a miniature bottle of Baileys liquor attached, I can only guess its intention is for a sort of spiked cocoa mix?)

 I didn't care, I didn't want to deal with her. She's been cutting my hours and plus she gets on my nerves now.

At the chaotic store that same Tuesday was busy but I spent most of my shift at Drop Off typing all night.
I got home later and started drinking till midnight, then I went to bed and rung in the New Year in my sleep.

I don't have a reasonable resolution this year, I have some things I would like to do most of these things involve losing weight and exercising more, maybe even trying to find acceptance in my job. Not getting so stressed out or letting other people affect me so.
The rest are just silly things like call the people I love more, be a better friend, be a better Mom, splurge more on me and not just work to pay bills. Go out more, drive more to further places I normally wouldn't bother with.
Keep writing more when the mood suits me, finish this Novel already and try to self publish or submit my Novel to various publishing houses and hope some editor takes pity on me and thinks my crap is readable.

Eating disordered wise I've been doing less behaviors and I still hate my body but I'm trying to get in shape somehow. I don't know how that would even be possible as I work all the time and hardly have time to do much else.

My ex is speaking to me again, Sunday when he got my daughter we talked.
He shook my hand and said sorry.
I told him that I've done nothing wrong. I don't get why he is so upset. We have to get along for my daughters sake.
So he's been okay.

My daughter can't get on MineCraft, the sweet Peridot has given me a code to enter but OMG the stupid game keeps crashing and saying condescending messages to me like "Oops my Bad, Error, We're sorry, What's happened, who let the party crasher in?"
I have no idea what's going on. I hate technology.

I have no idea how to install anything I need a Geek squad Intervention.

Anyways, I've been hanging in there just too tired most of the time to care about a lot of things.
I threw my back out or something have been in a lot of pain. It's finally settling down but it was bad.

I hope all of you are having lovely holidays and are feeling much better.
I have no idea in the slightest as to what this New Years will bring but I will try to endure and pray it's better than these last two years.

I miss Blogging and hope to write more. Forgive me when I can't.
Follow me on social sites to know I'm still alive, I'm on practically everything that requires an email address.

I love you all and will say goodnight.
Happy New Years to you all!