Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Long (late, really late) Vlog

Sorry guys I've been actually trying to upload this vlog forever.
My old Flip cam is the culprit. Files won't upload as quickly as before. Could use a new video cam.
But anyways here it is.
Will Blog later after work. Have to do 8hrs at the chaotic store. So far its the only day I have of work this week.


Fat Bastardo said...

It's pretty clear that your "ED" is just symptom. It is also clear that the medical industry has failed you.

Is see that you are self medicating with nicotine and I would guess with other substances like food.

Drugs for depression are not all that effective. Exercise is effective as is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy.

Here's the other reality. Women are 3 times more likely to be mentally ill that men. This is true for white women mostly. It's hormonal but most MDs will not acknowledge that because big pharma would rather put people on a cocktail of dangerous psychmeds.

Unlike a lot of the ana mia women you are not all that much of a drama queen and an attention whore. You are indeed in a great deal of pain

Here's how to stop it.

1. Get HRT if you need it.

2. Exercise.

3. Improve your nutrition.

4. Check out PEMFT (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

5. See a rational emotive behavioral therapist. Google it because most regular shrinks are a waste of time and clueless as how to help neurotics.

My guess is that you are a hormonal train wreck and if you were in balance you would feel much better and be less neurotic. Most crazy people are not that way because of psychology but rather because of biology. That said, the right psychological counseling will help get you thinking patterns back to normal.

I hope this helps. Take action but be skeptical. Most doctors today suck.

You can contact me on my fat acceptance blog NAAFA

If you want to be lean simple don't exceed 2000 calories per day and eat high fiber foods.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lou! Thanks for your encouragement on my pic. I'm sorry you are feeling so down. Contrary to the above comment, antidepressants are NOT useless. Sure, nothing has a perfect success rate. However, I've been on mine for 6 years now, and have had incredible improvement in my mood and keeping it stable. I do agree that exercise is great for do-it-yourself mood improvement. It causes your body to release endorphins (endogenous morphine), which enhances mood due to its chemical effects in the brain. -end rant- Hang in there; I know you have a lovely smile, and I hope it can come out more. XOXO