Thursday, August 21, 2014

Don't call it a come back, I've been here for years!

Why Hello there!
Okay so I've found time to write finally.
I am actually happy to report that yours truly have started a new Chapter on her novel. Oh yes!
So I'm in a writing mood.

It's my day off. I'm off until Sunday then I'm also very happy to report that I have too much work next week.
So I guess this will be a happier post compared to previous moaning in past posts.
So let's begin...

Well I worked two complete days last week, very long shifts so my paycheck will be decent.
I've agreed to help out at that snobby store where I got that ticket that time. They actually need a tech all the time but for now am just doing what I can once a week.
That store is just very messy and boy are they just one hot mess!
I had to work with this pharmacist who is very nice but very slow. I'll call him Sloth.
Little did I know when I went to work on Tuesday there that he and I would be alone from 9am until 2pm..
We tried our best and actually succeeded in making the day go smoothly.
I had to pay for parking setting my alarm to try and avoid getting another ticket.
He was pretty happy with me, so happy in fact he made a comment about wanting to steal me from my home store and hiring me for his store...
Um, No thanks!
Anyways, another tech came at 2pm and then we all worked harmoniously until I had to go home at 8pm.
Sloth scheduled me again for Tuesday at his store which was yesterday.
Monday I worked at that other beach store with the newly pregnant pharmacist who has now taken her maternity leave, so I got to work with the new pharmacist who is so cool. I love her and boy does she love me.
Work went smoothly and I was happy to be back on that grind. Lots of upcoming bills await me.
So Tuesday I drive to the Snobby store at 1pm and it is a marvelous day for me because I am in need.
I had Two different stores request me for work on my way to work lol.
I turned em down cos well already am booked.
When I arrive at the Snobby store I am all smiles because I get to work with my favorite Russian Pharmacist who I haven't seen in awhile and I had no idea this had become his home store for the last 6 months.
Tuesday was amazing.
Nothing went wrong. I even was so talkative which is rare for me unless I'm absolutely comfortable.
But yes, my Russian and I spent all 8 hours almost 9 of my shift just joking around and catching up.
He actually is leaving the company in September. He suggested I transfer to this store for good, I was like NO, maybe if he were sticking around then sure but that's not the case. An hour before my shift ended, the other beach store I used to float at with Mr. Anal called and needed someone for the week, especially in the mornings. So I agreed to Wednesday and Thursday a 9-2 shift. I left Monday and Tuesday open because those are the days I can do an 8-9 hour shift.

This Morning the Cool pharmacist texts me and needs me to work on Monday, and then she needs me available for the first two weeks of September,  someone is going on vacation and she wants me to fill their slot.
So yes, more work!
I'm so happy and tired already lol.

My daughter started school on Monday so that meant i had to run around last weekend looking for her school skirt and shoes.
After much driving around in the heat I finally managed to find everything I needed.
My ex was keeping me up to date with his school shopping aka as him buying brand new school uniforms and me buying my own.
When I finally found her 2 skirts, he had the audacity to tell me he was gong to return the skirts he bought? He was making plans to get one of mines.
I told him No keep yours and I'll keep mines.
We'll both have a set.
I can proudly say that I've provided for her school things all my own, well almost all my own with the exception of some school supplies I still had laying around thanks to my beautiful friends, Sarah, Susan, Perry and Capri..
Thank you beautiful souls for always thinking bout me.

Well Monday comes around and I tell my ex that I want to tag along for the 1st day of School, I want to see her classroom and more importantly do her hair.
My ex tells me this story about how he's returning her skirts because well they don't fit and if I give him one of my skirts her will give me 2 brand new school shirts in return. So I agree.
I didn't have enough to buy her a new shirt anyways so..

The first day of School I did her hair and got in the car with them, my ex smelled like a liquor cabinet. His eyes were swollen and small like he barely is up.
I shake my head.
We get there early to her school and head to the cafeteria to find out who is her teacher since we never received a registration card in the mail from her school.
When we arrive to the table for FOURTH GRADE it is a mess!
There was a list to look at but it's a complete disaster on account of other parents ripping it to shreds, they have mixed up the Alphabetical list and people are hogging it.
It's already past 8 am and everyone is confused and running late.
I'm trying to take pics of my kid and she's not having it, every time she's with her Dad she develops this other persona, where she's not interested and acts like a baby.
Finally the Principal approaches us and because we are very patient, she tells us she will bring another list and we will be first to read it.
Afterwards we walk her up to her classroom and meet her new Teacher who right off the bat tells us she has a Reputation for being strict.
Poor Lil Miss B.
Glad I'm done with school.

So back to Tuesday, I get home tired but okay.
Today I've spent my day in bed, I have slept so much.
I've worked out and have picked up my messy house.
I was social with my neighbors this week actually taking the time to sit down and talk with 3 of them for a long time.
I did modules that were due, and even paid my car insurance, a hefty 600$ out of my savings.

Everything is okay except for my Ed who is making plans for the time I'm at work and will be too busy to eat.
My Ed who reminds me that I'm still about 40lbs overweight and we need to fix that NOW.
My Ed who makes me feel insecure and weak and makes me even feel embarrassed about even admitting I have one on account of how not SKINNY I have become.

I fear many behaviors to come.
Maybe even deep down inside I actually am relived and welcome it.


Katie Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you've been one busy girl. But it also sounds like that's a good thing. Don't let ED ruin things for you. I know that's easier said than done, but I know that you are strong and you can take control over ED. Thinking about you.

Dyingorchid1234 said...

Hey. I have been following you for awhile. We all have our stories. I have enjoyed and learned a great deal from you.