Thursday, February 21, 2013

Award Season is here

So I've noticed it's 2013 and no Awards being passed around yet on Blogger?
Have I been missing that long or have I been overlooked this year? (Susan Lucci persona)

So I've decided to get this ball rolling because I have no cable and will miss out on The Oscars and every other award this year, but dammit, not here, no, not this place.

Lou's first 2013 Award for best Blogs nominations are being unvieled this year.
In it's fine tradition I will go ahead and pass this award around, once you've been been bestowed this award..
wow that's a cool word..Bestowed.

Eh..focus Lou! *shakes blonde head into focus*

Anyways once you've won the thing, please Mention 5 things we don't knows about you lucky talented winners and pass it along to five other lucky Bloggers.

I can't wait to follow new winners. This is how we grow.

I love you keep me going :)
Keep it going nominate those Blogs that make your day, that you must read, that help, that make a difference, that keep you going..let's keep blogger and blogging important <3

Best Blog award 2013
So here are my winners. you must pick five (5) Bloggers of your choosing..
Mines are as follows:

2)désespérée de maigrir
5)Moonlight Mistress

Can't wait to see this circulating..
You deserve it and Congrats!


ruby-tuesday said...

Thank you so much Lou
You have truly made my day
You are such a beautiful soul

Love you x

désespérée de maigrir said...

Muchas gracias amorcita!