Monday, February 25, 2013

Good job


Anonymous said...

You looked charming tonight, had me smiling the whole time :D

mark said...

I completely beat my anorexia. My starvation almost cost me my life. I now run my own counselling service in Derbyshire and I specialise in working with eating disorders. In the UK the level and quality of support and treatment for eating disorders is shockingly low. Please check out my website at and to anyone out there with an ED please get in touch if you would like to talk. I sincerely believe that as a counsellor and as a sufferer of an ED that i can help understand, empathise and help others in a way that few other professionals are able to.
I need all the help i can to get my counselling service of the ground. So any publicity would be appreciated. There is absolutely no specialised help in this part of the country for eating disorders. The NHS are not allowed as yet to directly hire counsellors from the private sector. Consequently it is difficult to make yourself known to the ED community.
All the best.

Emily Carter said...

Congratulations on the great day at work. I know you aren't looking forward to your birthday but have a great one; you never know what will happen in a week.

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