Thursday, March 7, 2013


I've had a headache since Tuesday.
I feel awful.
Can I just have a week where nothing hurts?
This headache has me in tears.

I'm exhausted from work, stick in the ass was very snappy Wednesday, almost lost my shit but cried in bathroom stall instead wondering when will I get relief.

Bad Ed days this week, Bp once a day and I'm in constant aching from tattoo. Wish I could just feel better.

My ex has given the puppy away so my kid is sad, now she wants a ferret.
Hmm to be continued.

If I feel better tomorrow will run some much needed errands to post office amongst other things.

G'night all.
Hope I can sleep tonight, keep having nightmares, last night dreamt something dragged me outta bed and then got in bed with me.

I need to be sedated pronto.


ruby-tuesday said...

Hang in there Lou

Sending you love and a hug x

Anonymous said...

Hope your headache has decreased in intensity.. i love you hun am sorry i felt so sick myself that i couldnt be with you today


Peridot (G+P) said...

I'm so sorry with the house move I haven't had time to watch your Vlogs :( I love watching them and listening to you talk (Sorry, that sounds kinda weird) I'll have to spend an afternoon catching up on them this week.

Your tattoo looks awesome, it's so pretty!

I hope the headache tones it down a notch. If I could I'd come give you a shoulder rub and waylay AssStick with some rohipnol in his water bottle to give you a day of peace.

Take care of yourself as much as you can, ok? Love you to bits Lou <3