Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dropping In

It's been awhile since I've written last, but I'm still here and there's much to tell.
So first lets talk about work.
As you all know, my job is in limbo right now, the non existent hours are few and far between.
I was told by the "sweet manager" that apparently know I'm required to do a background check online??
I did one before I got hired so this makes no sense but so does a lot of requests in my line of work.
He goes on to tell me that until I do this, I can't go back to work, so I agree.
He tells me Friday by the way..
My boyfriend comes on Friday and is staying with me for some days since the kids are out of school, we go to the movies on Saturday to see Man of Steel which by the way kicks ass!
On the way back home, my car starts to shake and stall when I accelerate. I am freaking out because we are about an hour away from home and I have the kids with me, I'm traumatized from my last car and I'm praying my car doesn't break down in the middle of an intersection.
I call my older brother who's my impromptu mechanic and he tells me to drive to his job to look at the car, he told me to change the tire that most likely the delay and even slight shuddering could be because and I quote..."your tire has a titty."
I head to him and he looks at my car, my coolant is really low and it looks like the car was just overheating. He even gives me a used tire to remedy things.
The car drives back home fine in one piece.
I forgot the pharmacy closes early on the weekends so when I arrive at work, the pharmacy is already closed and looks like my online background check will have to wait another day.
On Sunday I head back to work and go ahead and fill out the required asinine check.
The "sweet manager" tells me to my face that he will text me next week's schedule.
It's Monday finally and guess what no schedule.
As a matter of fact I didn't work at all this week.
Can you believe that shit!?
I'm really worried because I have only half of my rent this month, and a week without work isn't going to help matters.
On Friday I check my bank account and by some miracle I have deposited into my account an extra 100$
I thought it was some bank error but its some reward program from the cable company since I used my debit card to pay my bill online.
Thank God for the extra money that will help towards rent.
On Friday also, I have to go to the post office. I have a package, which I thought was my book the last in the Crossfire Trilogy which I so desperately want to read already.
I don't have to show my Id or sign for the package, instead I'm handed over a huge white box??
When I get home I open it and its a box full of Armani clothes, a watch, shades and even a clutch!
I look on the box and it's not even addressed to me?
So if anyone out there wants to buy womans size 10, medium mens and women's shirts, clutch or shades please let me know. I could use the money.
I'll try to take pics of em and post em up for you all.
So back to the work thing; On Wednesday I get a text from the other pharmacy by my house and they want me to work there next Tuesday and Friday!
Also Wednesday I get a call from big boobs Mcgee...
She calls to tell me she walked out of work very upset, here's what happened.
She was at the hospital the night before with her grandma, she spent the night and had to work the next day, having no clothes except the ones she slept in which consisted of jeans and a Miami Heat jersey, she heads to the pharmacy, also she's late, very late.
The "sweet manager" and my fav pharmacist give her shit about her attire. You can't work casually, it has to be office attire.
She puts on her labcoat which conceals this but they gang up on her and give her shit.
She's having problems with my fav pharmacist because he makes slick remarks at her, calls her lazy and unproductive.
And so she has enough and walks out.
She calls me asking what she should do?
I tell her to call my kid's godmother, my very sweet friend who is her trainer. Maybe she has some advice.
Later on that day my kid's godmother calls me and tells me she's going to be fired because you never walk out, that's considered job abandonment.
My kid's godmother also tells me that they're hiring yet another tech for my home store and basically I won't be seeing any hours at all.
But now that she's gone and because she has so many hours they might be calling me again. Now I'll be in demand but she told me to only give them a day, because this other store wants me, as a matter of fact two stores do. So now I can be a bitch and they have to work around MY schedule.
Ah Karma!
Looks like I'll be okay after all.
Today Thursday the "sweet manager" texts me desperate for me to work tonight and I tell him NO.

Now let's talk about this and that..
My boyfriend is still here, tomorrow will make a week I think, we haven't managed to kill each yet lol.
It's nice having him around more than usual. The only annoying factor is basketball and the current playoffs with his favorite team. We're okay so far, although I feel like my constant need of reassurance may drive a wedge between us eventually.

My sister on Friday fainted at work.
She calls me frantic, it's the laxatives. Her Bulimia plus lax abuse are taking their toll.
She takes them every day.
I can't do much except tell her how to get better but the reality is her own Ed will decide how better she will get. We all have to manage best we can with our disorders...

Speaking of Ed, well I went three complete days no b/p.
I've b/p twice since my boyfriends been here.
He doesn't like it and today this last time I did it has left me drained.
I've been eating and maintaining, haven't gained or lost. I even went to the bathroom all by myself. I haven't had laxatives in a week and fuck do I miss it!
I want to act out so bad it's driving me mad.
I don't know how to not fully get this outta my system. It's been a week and I can feel the turmoil building. I'm frustrated.
Why can't I just be happy and just accept this stage in my life. What is this compelling thing in me that has the need to emaciate myself?
Why do I want to weigh less?

I fear my book may be lost in the mail, it's sucks so bad. I miss reading.
"Intertwined with You" by Silvia Day where are you??

Today was a good day despite the b/p.
I took the kids and bf to a pretty park that had horses and too much foliage. Omigod this this park have too many spiders and mosquitoes we were being eaten alive!
They had these trails that said "walk trails at your own risk."
Well no shit, it was like survivor out there.

Well that's it for now, I'm gonna have a glass of wine and find something to do with myself.
Hope you all are okay.
Night :)


Peridot (G+P) said...

I'm so glad your car was just overheating and MUAHAHAHAHAAAAA karma PWNS :D

Dafuq do they want two background checks for? o.O *Is confused*

What do Ed behaviours do for you that other things don't do? Mine are the perfect self-punishment that doesn't leave marks. Thankfully without Mr.T being an ass I'm needing SH a bit less :s

I hope you have a good weekend and survive the basketball overload in one piece!