Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sunburned Tuesday

The boys at work are missing the bowl so now we have bathroom rules. Looks like we gotta tell a man how to use his knob in the bathroom as well.


Mich said...

Haha, we had the same sign in my old office! It was the women soaking the toilet seats, though... Like seriously if you pee all over the toilet seat, how can you NOT clean up after yourself?? I feel like that's one of the basics of being potty trained.

lARDASS said...

God I hope I dont look like my dog or I really am in trouble lol.
Nice to see you smile, I am jealous of your tan. We still arent quite into summer weather here.
I am worried about what you are going to do in July. With your daughter gone you will have alot of alone time, are you going to be ok? Do you have some things that you can go out and do?
Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

Eh no honey we were driving around in parking lot for atleast 45 minutes

Anonymous said...

I love you baby ;-)

Peridot (G+P) said...

Fucking. Hell.

Working in hotel cleaning let me know that NO GUY CAN EVER PISS IN THE LOO. Only at it. So gross!

I'm so glad awe have gender-seperated loos at work.

Lol, on the 'Hypocrisy weekly' staff newsletter, the boys were being raged at for graffiti in their loos again. I wonder if their 'Wall of rating the sexual performances of the female workers' is back again?

I hope the grubby bastards at your work start sitting down to pee <3

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