Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sad Saturday


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry Lourdes, i am so sorry i took those pictures of this woman, ive never cheated on you but that was a betrayal so bad it has broken your heart and i am completely responsible, i dont wanna see you hurt yourself or drink so much you lose your mind. I love you so much but sometimes those are the people we hurt the worst, i never thought the pictures meant anything as she means nothing to me anymore but the mere fact i accepted to take em is an insult, a spit at our relationship, am so sorry honey u dont expect my words to change anything but i want u to kno how empty n cold i feel right now because of the things u said and the hatred u spewed at me over the phone. I kno you and all those close to you, your friends, family and fellow eating disorder sufferers dont want you to even consider talking to me but i hope that in the next few days youll reconsider talkin to me in person, no i really dont expect you to give me another chance or even say u could see me as a friend again someday, i just really want to see your face one last time and tell you that am sorry in person, tell you how embarrased, ashamed and dissapointed i am for making you go through this, you deserve better than me and i kno if not England or Orlando you will find a better man, am sorry i wasnt, i love you but i didnt respect you the way a good woman like you deserves, you never disrespected me or hurt me the way i hurt you, you never did anything to deserve my disrespect but i failed as your man, boyfriend, and friend.. I have been failing you for awhile, i am blessed that you gave me this long a time and such happy memories, moments and the best romantic relationship ive experienced. I have often told you that am still immature and ive been growing up alot so your love turned hate, your scorn will be the most difficult growing pain ive had to endure, ive never cheated on anyone ive ever been incolved with but as much as i talk about respect i havent returned it, this will sadly teach me a very painful lesson on the level of respect you pay anyone that you love. I dont even kno if this long ass comment will go through or if youll allow it but i hope you do, i pray to god that youll be happier than i can ever and i do the opposite of cursing you i send all my prayers, blessings and good wishes to you, i will always love you and as u said u wished last night i will always be miserable, unhappy and stuck in the same situation but i hope i can see you reach your happiness from afar

Peridot (G+P) said...

Ok, that isn't cool AT ALL.

You are NOT wrong for putting your foot down when someone crosses the line.

Fuck. Can I just hug you for a bit? Please? It sucks that you're feeling that shitty and you're so far away so I can't come make you a cup of tea and plot imaginary revenges involving Cthulhu and cat poop and trained cockatoos.

Kinda glad you're as tough as nails. You're like a possum or something, except tons cuter.

Yay for kids ringing your daughter, not yay for them waking you up!

England is gonna be really sodding cold for you after Florida. Invest in a bunch of woolly gear and thermals, ok? We have a spare room but NZ's job market is down the fucking toilet after a few years of John Key the Smiling Assassin -.-

Take care of yourself as much as you can, ok? Arohanui <3

Dyingorchid1234 said...

Yo. I have followed for a while. Life is terrible. Life does hand you shit. I personally know. My life has been a roller coaster of emotions for some time now. You just do. You just do. Cause you know what their is beauty out there. I'm yet to find it but I know my path includes it. Yours my dear does too. It already has with your daughter.