Friday, July 27, 2012


Here I am on a Thursday night with a massive headache that's lasted two straight days with no relief in sight.
I feel like crying, the pain is non stop.
I've taken Potassium, Magnesium supplements, Pain killers, I've eaten soup, drank shakes even but nothing is helping.

It's maddening.

My boyfriend stopped by Tuesday to spend some time with me.
Seeing him after being so distant last week thanks to our fight was different.
I sometimes forget couples bicker, I forget what it's like to be in a relationship.
In any case, all was forgiven, and it's all water under the bridge.
Having him here is always nice, I laugh and smile a lot, even with kids running around in the background, I'm at my happiest when he's around.

My good friend's Dietician told her some news that was quite encouraging for me to hear.
She is on the verge of IP all over again, she can either stick to a meal plan or do shakes for her caloric intake instead.
The Dietician actually reassured her that for someone who suffers with Bulimia drinking liquids all the time such as Meal Replacement shakes is actually quite beneficial to reintroducing one's body back to Digesting.
I think that's brilliant.
Whilst I have trouble still with actual solid foods, anything liquid which is safe sometimes can help me.
I'm not a lost cause after all.

I'd love to keep Blogging but my head hurts too much.
I'll leave you all with one more thing before I go..

Good Lord are you Mental!??

Nite All


Peridot (G+P) said...

sdfdsfgjld stupid bloody headache LEAVE LOU ALONE!

It was an eye-opener living with K&S and seeing their martial squabbles and how they sorted it out afterwards. Squabbles and make-ups make a relationship stronger ;)

That's awesome to hear! Liquids would be a lot easier for your gut to get used to handling at the start of re-feeding. Most of the work of turning it into an easily absorbed form was done before it hit your lips :D Shake it like a poloriod picture! (Eheheheh, sorry I had to!)

Kristen Stewart IS mad. You'd have to be insane to want to play Bella in the first place!

I'd love to text you, but my cell company won't let me text outside of the country very easily. It's like going through a commando course >.< I will NOT publish your number to the internets though ;)

I thought the itching was fleas at first, coz it was THAT BAD. But there are no lumps, and when it's a bug-bite-caused itch I come out in massive welts. I'm chalking it up to my brain being a trolling fucktard and trying not to scratch too much D:<

Bloody hell, you're being a budget ninja right now! I completely understand what it's like. 5 years of Undergrad and a year of particularly bad employment makes me appreciate delislavery a whole lot more!

*hugs* I'll put together a little carepackage every now and then for you to give you something nice and random to look forward to. Do you have any particular do want/do not want requests? Any little thing to make your life better and buoy your spirits to make life a bit less bleak. What is your favourite book genre?

I remember ages ago promising to knit Miss.B a hiphopapotamus or rhymenocerous and I can't remember which one it was. Halp? Her thing and Nana's socks were next on my list after the blanket.

I hope your headache has gone away. Sleep well <3

Moonlight Mistress said...

I hope you head starts to feel better soon. I can get headaches for days at a time too and they are just so draining.

I fucking hate Kristen Stewart and I'm glad she got caught. She's so full of herself that something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. Stupid cunt.


Ayden said...

I hope the headache goes away, love! Glad you and the Boyfriend worked things out. Fights are always rough, but the good relationships always make it through them and come out stronger on the other side!
The meal replacement shake thing makes sense, might be a good thing to try?
Good luck with everything, love!

Anonymous said...

Feel better Lou!
Glad you and the bf made up you guys make a cute couple.

Keep on with the shakes they have vitamins and things you need that you're not getting lately. Try powdered protein shakes from GNC those are good too and come in lots of flavors.

I hate kristen stewart, what an idiot for cheating on Rob.
Oh well boo hoo more Rob for us!