Monday, July 16, 2012


First and foremost I want to wish a very Happy Birthday to a good friend of mines..
Birthday's are hard especially with Eating Disorders because you don't really want to deal with all the party food that accompanies the celebration.
It's bad enough you've just aged overnight, but now you have to gain weight too by eating sugary confections.

Today I took the dreaded Drug test to determine how polluted I am.
I woke up this morning and drank bottle after bottle of water and managed to pee a few hours later.
I'm dehydrated from all the laxatives me thinks,
 in any event I managed to make a tinkle finally.

I had to wait a whole ten minutes wondering what the outcome would be.
Did I need a plan B if things went horribly awry?
Will I actually get this much needed job? What happens if I don't?

So here it is, ten minutes later and the test says Negative. I think this test is accurate, I'm hoping that because I'm at a low weight and I'm constantly popping Diuretics and Laxatives that I've somehow managed to flush whatever THC I had in my system out for good.
I want to be hopeful, deep down inside I'm not. I've had the rug pulled out from under me more than once so now I watch my step.

I won't know more until tomorrow when the Manager from CVS calls for further instructions.
If I had a spare 20$ I'd buy another home testing kit and take again in a few days just to be extra sure.
Oh well onward through the fog.


Sam said...

Thanx for doing the reading, it was really interesting. I had a reading done when I was a kid but it was with tarot cards not playing cards. I don't even know you could do that, I am tempted to buy the book now.
Congrats on the dug test and good luck!


Ayden said...

I love card readings, and while I have heard of doing them with playing cards, I always felt more comfortable doing them with my oracle cards.
I hope the birthday goes well!

Peridot (G+P) said...

Congratulations on the negative! :D