Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Dogs is killin me

I'm free!
Worked only five hours today and then I'm off until Friday.
I hardly got sleep last night, then when I finally dozed off, the alarm clock went off and it was time to work.

I fixed up my Ex's computer, I downloaded Yahoo Messenger and gave him his very own Email.
The purpose of the Yahoo was so he could Webcam with my kid if he wanted, little did I know he'd actually figure out how to use the thing.

I'm done with my shower and suddenly my laptop starts ringing, it's my Ex wanting to Video call.
He tells me that my kid played on the computer last night and maybe changed a few settings that he's not familiar with.
I gave him instructions on how to fix what was wrong.

I get to work a little early and have coffee.
I'm dreading working with Stick in the Ass today.
I'm sipping coffee and headed inside the Pharmacy when, what's this? No Stick in the Ass today!

Yesterday old bastard was saying something about going out of town until Thursday, I didn't hear much as I ususally tune everything and everything out.

No Stick in the Ass today, instead the new Pharmacist who likes to sing along to songs that play on the radio we have in the back.

My day is okay despite the fact that I do a lot.
A lot of my coworkers are very complacent and thus stay in certain areas all day where I run around the Pharmacy doing it all.

There are days where I'm stressed and I'm constantly asking myself what the hell am I doing here?

I did groceries today but haven't eaten much more than Peanuts.
I bought laxatives because I haven't gone to the bathroom in forever,
I was trying to naturally have a bm but omg felt like I was either having an aneurysm or having another child.

I'm glad to have one day off before Friday at least.

I think that's it, haven't felt like writing much lately, sorry.
I'm really tired, my feets has blisters.
The bottom of my feet are actually swollen and cracked. Standing on my feet and walking everywhere are very visible now.
I don't get people who are too proud to work a menial job in order to feed their family?  I don't see what the fuck you have to be proud about.
It's not easy.

Oh, I've also decided to lend my Ex the money after all..
Pathetic right?

Idk, I feel sorry for him and maybe I should just be good and hope I get it back in spades later on *shrugs*
He says he needs help with his Internet again.
Ugh If I wasn't bound to this man because of my kid I'd swear I would be happier.

Ex's are so because they are your Past, I'm tired of looking back, it's obscuring my Future view.

I'm still feeling blah, my Ed is very demanding lately, sometimes I just want to talk to no one.
I feel tired complaining all day about my Food issues.

I'm heading to the Dr. tomorrow and seeing if maybe they take my Insurance.
If they don't then I have no idea what my next move will be, probably just ignore aches and pains until they go away.

Birthday Party this Saturday for my friend's son, I have no idea what to give a 5yr old boy??
Any Ideas?

Have a goodnight all.
Please be safe.


Peridot (G+P) said...

Yay! Days off work are the BEST! I prescribe at least an hour of feet-up-doing-nothing-but-watching-movies time on each of your days off :p

Wow, he managed to work it? 0.0 Are you sure he's not been replaced by a robot or something? I'd check for pigs winging past my windows, but I'm not sure they'd fly at night. (He was and still is a dick to you, so I'm being a bitch)

No AssStick? WIN! People have no idea how hard jobs like that can be. I want to hold their face inside the oven most days, but then I'd have to clean the mess up *sigh* Blisters suck! What kind of shoes do you wear? Would wool socks be too warm for Miami? I want to experiment with slip-stitch soles on socks for extra cushioning but I need guineapigs ^.^; Sample size must be >20 individuals or the results are inconclusive.

You're being a nice person, and I hope he pays you back. He has to do SOMETHING nice every now and then, right? Don't let him take advantage of your awesomeness.

5 year old boys? Ummmm I got Lauriespawn an Avengers colouring books and washable felt-tips. Lego is also good, and things he can build.

Staying safe. You stay safe too, ok? Have a great few days off from work and good luck with the doctor


Anonymous said...

You can never go wrong getting a five year old boy something to do with super heroes! My six year old son loves Spiderman and Captain America. :)