Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I skipped work on Monday.
I just felt too sick to go in, my period is on and boy is it ON!
You'd think I was a victim of a Shark Attack or something.
I was too tired Monday, sleepy, cramps, not ready to be on my feet for 11hrs straight.
In all honesty I was not emotional ready either. Depression has me avoiding things.
I stayed home after calling in which was fine with my Managers. I slept some of the day.
Tuesday I was still not ready for work so I left early. I had too many asshole customers that day. Had one bitch in particular talk down to me like I was an idiot, she even raised her voice at me which made me snap like a dog and yell right back at her, demanding respect. I'm a person, just because I'm serving you doesn't make me less of a human being. I'm nice and all but don't get it twisted, I wasn't always this way and I have little hints of that former Lou every once and awhile..she's still in there.

Today, Wednesday was the better day.
I had no incidents with uptight customers at all and I even bought my coworkers Donuts for breakfast. I felt better overall.
I brought my co worker's Secret Santa gift and to my lovely surprise, she had my name too :)
I baked her an Oreo cookie cake and she and I exchanged gifts. I can't go to the party on Saturday so this was the next best thing.
She decided to torture me and not open my present yet.
Her gift was lovely, Hello Kitty swag..
I've been having two good days with ED.
He's been very quiet.
As a matter of fact was highly thinking about gaining weight for a change if you can believe that.
Will this last I don't know.

I'm tired.
I'll workout tomorrow and hopefully continue to be behavior free for a bit.
My sister is coming Saturday to visit. It's her Goddaughter's birthday and I'm invited to the Party.

The Ex and I are on speaking terms so far.
No drama there..yet.

I want to say Thank You to the sweet Sarah who has continued to be an Angel.
She's gone above and beyond as a friend this week.

I've started a Nip/Tuck marathon on Netflix.
I will even try to write this weekend. I miss my Novel.

I'll also be mailing XMas cards soon.
For those who'd like a card who's address I don't have DM me on Twitter @ladikaat69
or friend me on FB.

I hope you all are well, I'll write back soon, deff Vlogging this weekend kay guys.
I haven't shown my mug on here cus been feeling very ugly these days.
My nonexistent self esteem is at an all time low.
Idk if it's the weight loss and all the comments that have me down..
It's hard to like that person in the mirror.


Peridot (G+P) said...

Ooof, fair enough! I have to call in too. No point in going if I'm passing out everywhere -.-

"Due to a lack of robots some of our staff may actually be human and react badly when abused"

I want to take that woman and some of the right fuckwits we've been having and shut them all in the Dairy department freezer for, oh, TEN HOURS. Cool their tempers a bit -.-

Omg that is so awesome! I'm glad you could still exchange gifts even if you had to miss the party. HK swag for the win!

I hope Ed stays the fuck away until at least January to give you a break. You've got cooler responsibilities now, he can't be treating you like his dockside strumpet 24/7 any more! You will beat him, it takes time. Never give up on yourself.

YESSSSSSSSS WRITE!!!1! When can I read some of your novel? You have me curious 0.0

I really want to send you Outrageous Fortune one day. I think it would amuse you ;) And you won't have me there pointing out the Shortland Streeters over your shoulder :p

You're never ugly to me! Sometimes you look tired and you can tell Ed is getting to you but the Lou talk and mannerisms are all gorgeous. (I also love your hair. I wish I could lighten mine that much without it turning to straw and falling out)

I'm still hunting for sheepy insoles but no luck. I'll have to brave the cruisebeasts and go into a souvineer shop for some.

Love you Lou. Take care of yourself and stay warm. Kia kaha, Lady Awesomeness <3