Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's over

Broke things off with my boyfriend of 8months last night.
I don't even remember much of what happened to be honest, I was really drunk and triggered, In any case I take full responsibility for our parting of ways.
He's better off,
I'm sure this would've happened later on anyways.
Well now what to do?
I'm gonna do whatever I want now.
There's no more worrying about someone else.

Some of you may not like my next statement, sorry truly.

I'm going to focus solely on my Eating Disorder..

First things first, GW #1:100lbs
GW#2: 90lbs
GW#3: 80lbs

Current weight as of today..114lbs (yuk)
Goodbye Fat, this will be the last time I'll ever be at that number again.

I'll be googling Diet Pills and hitting GNC later.
I've binged on laxatives, have a giant bottle of Water Pills too.

Just me and Ed like old times.
I won't stop till my ribcage and hip bones protrude.

I'll make my own happiness, I'll never let someone else define that feeling for me ever again.

Goodbye everybody,
Talk to you all real soon.


Peridot (G+P) said...

Got no words.

Can I send you a massive e-hug instead?

*Hugs you tightly*

I still love you, Lou.

Coz you're you.