Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All Better

Well today I finally got moving and got off my butt.
Hair is dyed nails are done, house is clean..
I feel great finally getting back on track, I'm not sad today either, happy actually.
Its on account of The Boy mostly, he knows just what to say to make me feel better.
Last night we discussed living cost of Miami vs. Orlando.
He's not saying No to possibly moving down here just as I'm not entirely closed to the idea of moving up there one day..
So today all I've had is coffee and no migraines, what a relief.I'm catching up on blogs and saying hello to the new readers out there. I'm catching up on Twitter and Facebook, now my Tumbler is a neglected mess but I'll see to that this weekend possibly.
I've also found a new book to read and I'll share on Fridays Vlog.
My dear sweet Sam, your comment made me smile,
I'm glad you're enjoying Big Brother, its addictive!
I'm actually following BBFAn76's channel on YouTube, he seems to have the most organized play list and season 13 is on there too in case you wanna start watching it, Danielle Donato is on there again this season and I think she's going for the win on account of her father Evil Dick winning season 8..
This Season 13 though I'm rooting for Jeff and Jordan, my favorite couple.

Jeff is a FOX!!
So even though I love Dani, she better leave Jeff alone lol!
Its on tonight and he's up on the chopping block, hope he stays.
Well I'm back down to 108.4 today, not too bad and I'm not feeling dizzy.
Last night I ate a piece of Chicken breast, I felt horrible as it took ts toll digesting at a leisurely pace, my husband spent half the night rubbing my stomach and back as oddly enough I got cold sweat and a massive headache?
I'm lucky it didn't do damage and make me gain, I'm going for a great long workout today anyways.
My sweet Boy is at work and sneaking texts when he can, I'll head to bed early today if I can.
So I'm feeling better and have taken Bikini pic to show you all..I can't wait till its sunny again and I can go to the beach and fix this dumb tan of mines. I think I look fat, but of course my perception is obscued as usual. I don't know if i'll ever truly love this body of mines, I always feel like there's more work to do perfeting it, I don't know what exactly but maybe one day I'll just accept it and stop this altogether..

So that's it, I'm off to get the workout started..
I hope you all are well and keep fighting the good fight. Let's reach those goals whatever they may be.
Bye all, love you guys!


Jenn said...

OMG I want to come to Florida to sit on the beach with you. We'd be a couple of serious MILF's

YOU LOOK GREAT/sexy/fab good job!

Sam said...

Oh gosh Evil Dick won? I've only gotten up to the point where she got kicked out. That's so CRAZY!I had to stop watching because of how addicted I got but I gotta finish now.

You of course look amazing in your bikini! To be honest I think we as women will never 100% love our bodies, it's been programed in us to always find fault, so don't beat yourself up. I think the best we can do is love ourselves as more than a body, you know.

Anywho, glad you're doing much better. Glad the boy is there for you, he sounds great.


Peridot (G+P) said...

The terms MILF and Cougar were invented for you. Prrowr! I'm tempted to rescind my ban on blondes, lol!

Mich said...

You look HOT in that little bikini!!!

And yay for doing your roots! :D Lol I had mine done last Thurs. I feel so delicious when my roots are blonde again...

Hope you have a good weekend, hot stuff. ;)


Dani said...

glad ur feeling better today