Friday, September 23, 2011

Eh..Bulimia happens


Peridot (G+P) said...

Yay good day! :D

During recovery, relapses happen. I hope one day you can find the happy medium that normals take for granted, that of eating and eating justenough and not toomuch or nexttonothing.

I'm stuck on the eatingtoobloodymuch, but I can't purge coz my bathroom is next to the neighbour's kitchen, and if I try to exercise it off with burpees/starjumps the lady downstairs can hear and comes up to visit :(

Lol, America outsources it's sweatshops to third-world countries :p I hear you on the no-responsibility job XD Our management atm does NOT make me want any more responsibility. They blame their subordinates for their mistakes D:

How do you beat an Ed? Gods it's like drugs, seriously. Does he get that it's an addiction? Bloody hell.

I miss my boy. Stupid university on my part and night school and 3 jobs on his. He's juggling and crowd-pleasing for the RWC, the lucky guy XD

Yay you made it through the side-effect-adjustment hump! :D Yay no milk :p That is possibly the WEIRDEST side-effect I've heard of!

I think I need my meds altered or upped, there has been no worsening of my mood, but no improvement. Stuck a notch above randomly crying and actively seeking suicide, just hiding in my house and constantly eating and avoiding people and wishing I didn't have to live >.<

Bloody hell, does the school think the parents are made of spare time? o.O

Shit I'd better go change my settings or delete my FB again. It's just a massive depression trigger anyway -.-

Have a great weekend <3