Sunday, September 25, 2011

To Do List..1)lose2)lose more3)keep going!


Sam said...

I feel ya about the whole procrastination thing. Ate all weekend and did nothing else, a HELL WEEK to begin!

I am also way too heavy. I probs look the same as well, but it doesn't much matter because I know there's a difference. As long as the scale shows higher numbers I will always see a fatter me.

Good luck with the new shrink!

Peridot (G+P) said...

Oh fuck, I lost the game AGAIN. Dammit Lou!

Ugh, fucking males. Not worth the BS sometimes! Lol, the only reason I'm not lez is because I couldn't handle another woman's neurotic BS. Males are generally simpler to understand.

Eds are a coping mechanism. Maybe they can help you get other ones in place so you can east out from under Ed's thumb? I fully hear you on not wanting to give it up. For me, beating the binging doesn't mean eating normally again. Or it it does, it means eating normally but in incredibly small amounts. I don't think I could live without counting calories anymore! Not knowing would drive me insane.

Fucking FB. I need to delete mine again. So not in a good place, and my weight is right up to brushing overweight BMI again. Fucking horrible.

I can kinda hear something over your epic music and is that a playstation game? Fuck I hope they sort their shit out!

Right now I'm trying to get my depressed binging under control, and get back down to the lower ranges of a healthy BMI. I'm not liking being overweight again. This time last year I was 58kg, now I'm 65.5 fucking kg. Just fucking kill me already!! I'm eating healthy food, just far too fucking much of it, calorically. The meds haven't helped, upping my appetite and making me hold on to everything I put in.

Sodding. Fucking. Hell.

I'm so envious of your exercise machine. I can't do jumping jacks here without the neighbour coming upstairs to find out what the thumping is! Fucking rageface. Time to find a new flat, methinks!

Take care <3

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