Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10 Little Things You Can Do Today to Lose Weight.

1. Cut down on variety
The first few bites of any food are the tastiest; as you continue to eat, pleasure diminishes, so you naturally eat less. Multiple foods and flavors can lead you to consume more, so put only two to three items on your plate at each meal.
2. Start with soup
Vegetable and/or broth-based soups have low energy density (high in water content, low in calories), making them a great way to fill up without blowing your daily calorie budget.
4. Become a daytime eater
Metabolism slows in the evening, so calories eaten later in the day aren’t burned as quickly. Make breakfast and lunch your biggest meals of the day, and if possible, try not to eat after 8 p.m.
5. Don’t panic over a plateau
Once you’ve lost some weight, your body doesn’t burn as many calories during activity, plus it requires fewer calories to survive, further slowing weight loss. To get over the hump, increase your exercise intensity or trim a few extra calories.
6. Donate your "fat" clothes
When you keep too-big clothes, you're giving yourself permission to regain weight. For inspiration, hang a goal outfit in a can't-miss spot in your closet.
7. Be consistent
Weekends and vacations are great breaks—but don't take a break from healthy eating. Instead, regularly (or occasionally) allow yourself a treat. That way you won't feel deprived and have the urge to splurge on your days off.
8. Stick to one or two cocktails
It’s true that red wine and beer provide healthy antioxidants, but the benefits don’t increase beyond one or two glasses. And since alcohol stimulates appetite, it makes you more likely to hit the buffet hard.
9. Eat what you like—but eat less
A recent study found that women who were given 75 percent of their usual portions at meals cut their total calorie consumption by 10 percent. So if you love pizza, enjoy a slice—but stick to one.
10. Eat what you love
If you're going to have a treat, go for your favorite. Wasting calories on something you only sort of like will only leave you unsatisfied—and in search of another snack.