Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Happy Tuesday never came back online Monday night because he and the Ewok got drunk together. Well isn't that just special. Leave me hanging entirely again for the idk how many time. Why do I keep letting this moron affect me so. Why is he such an asshole, does he not see how shitty he's acting, is it because I'm nice that makes it easy for chumps like him to treat me any kinda way?

I completely ignored him on Tuesday. I wish I knew how to be a bitch, how to be as inconsiderate and an ass like he is at times.
I didn't go see my shrink on Tuesday, called and cancelled. I didn't feel much like going to her office and having her scold me and give me lectures on how to be a better person or grow a backbone.
I miss my old shrink terribly, this new shrink is not cutting it for me.
I don't look forward to seeing her at all.
My husband and I are on talking terms again which means less stress for me.
I decided to go to Walmart and do a little bit of grocery shopping.
I even managed to snag six giant bags of leftover Halloween candy that was 75% off. Each bag rounded up to a dollar each. I'm taking three large bags up on my trip outta town, since The Boy loves candy as much as I do. We'll be in bed most of the day if not the day entirely. Watching movies and having plenty of much needed sex.
Have to burn those calories off somehow, might as well get a few orgasms out of it too.
The weather is nice here cooling in the 70's most afternoons, good driving weather. I drove home and checked my mail..
Ooh a pretty pink envelope from the lovely fellow Blogger Jen.
It instantly put a smile on my face. I love all acts of consideration, taking time out one's busy day to acknowledge another human being, to do something for others without expecting anything in return, to just be kind..
Thank you sweetie for my bracelet, it's beautiful. I can't believe you made this,
you're so clever and talented.
I love the colors, and I've made the knot on it as tight as possible so I can wear this forever.
As if the day wasn't getting better enough my sister posted on my FB wall a picture of The Boy with my nephews, it was a good day. My family likes The Boy very much. He is so sweet you can't help but like him.
I made breakfast for dinner as requested, my husband had big kielbasa sausages and I had bacon, yummy scrambled eggs and pancakes too which my daughter adores.
I was happy because these were purge safe items for me minus the pancake which I had none of.
I bought 5 bottles of wine and put one to chill for after my workout.
I'm still at 110lbs. Wish it was lower.
I was on the web cam with my sister for the rest of the night, drinking and laughing, trying to find a little bit of peace.
I found this old video from my last vacation visiting her, decided to share-

B/p only 2x Tuesday is kinda good. As long as I don't go over three I don't feel too outta control.
Today I took my daughter to school and came home to binge on eggs and peanuts then exhausted went straight to sleep. I only managed a 15 minute nap because Happy Tuesday kept bugging me.
I went ahead and spoke to him some, he copped an attitude at some point because I told him he woke me up.
He threw The Boy in my face asking why he can wake me up every morning with Texts and that's OK.
I felt like telling him it's because The Boy is my sweetheart and when he does it it's cute and makes me feel loved and special.
When Happy Tuesday does it, the opposite reaction comes to mind.
I've managed to only b/p 2x today too.

I'm drinking now and waiting on The Boy to wake up from his nap.
I'm gonna try to get more writing done later when I'm officially drunk and liberated.
My period is still on ugh. Hope this goes away soon, don't wanna pack that on my trip.
I can't believe how soon its coming, I'm getting nervous now, how will my Eating Disorder and the opposite sex play out?
Can I fake being normal long enough to not send this kid running for the hills?


Claire said...

No one has the right to treat you like that. You deserve to be treated like with love and care always. Your bracelet is beautiful :) I hope it reminds you of how wonderful you are! xxx