Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Candies coming out the wazoo!

Happy Day after Halloween!
What? people stopped celebrating that?

Well yesterday was an epic fail!
I b/p alot of times, at some point in the night even had a whole large pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut (thin crust)
When its Thin Crust I can purge it easily.
That pizza was awesome.
All the candy didn't help, I still have candy left over and if that wasn't enough, I bought more candy because its 50% off..
I also had a whole bottle of wine after my last purge.
So much for that pound I lost.
The trick or treating was okay, my husband, daughter and I managed to enjoy the day without incident.
It was a cold rainy day but that didn't keep us or the rest of society from going out and begging for fun sized candy.

My husband was jealous at some point in the night from all the attention I was getting, but I ignored him as best I could.
The truth is I was already feeling crappy from the night before.
A friend of mines just moved into a new apartment, its bugging me to no end..
I don't usually envy others, but the fact that I'm not moving anytime soon, that I'm in fact "Stuck on Stupid" while it seems everyone else is moving on to bigger and better things.
I decided yesterday to just keep b/ping since that seems to be the one constant in my life.
Today I woke up late and had to see the shrink at 10.
In all honesty I was almost about to stand her up and not call or show.
After my shower I changed my mind.
In her office with five minutes to spare I waited.
She apoligized profusely for not seeing me last week.
She claims someone in the office was supposed to call me and let me know.
I told her that I think I wanted a transfer, that I felt neglected and overlooked.
My shrink told me she respected my decision but she really wanted to work with me and felt as though she could help me and didn't want to give up on my case.
She argued her case and even dangled a new Case manager in front of me.
I decided to give her one more try.
This session was a little more comfortable, we spent the whole hour phone call/interruption free.
She did yawn twice but in her defense she skipped breakfast and hadn't had lunch yet.
So a New Case Manger will be assigned to me.
On the way home I saw this and thought of dear sweet Peridot..

I'm home now and b/p, my second of the day.
Bought five boxes of laxatives, the laxatives are taking its toll on my body, I actually had some bleeding the other day. You'd think that would stop me?
I'm going to Best Buy after I get my daughter from school and try to find Talahina Sky..
I also am looking into my train ticket and see if I can book it already.
Hope you all had a better Halloween than me.
Let's see what other trouble I'm getting into today.
Oh and yesterday while I was trick or treating Happy Tuesday texted me like crazy, his last text to me was odd and awkward..
He said in Spanish no less "Te quiero" which means I love you.
Oh Lordy, I hope that was a typo or something..I'm in no condition to love anyone right now, well that's not true, I just don't feel like that towards him.
He's not boyfriend material, not AT ALL.
I don't know what I would say if he actually uttered those words to me in person, I don't wanna be the bad guy. Guess I'll have to remind him of that time in the beginning of our friendship where I made him swear no matter what to never fall in love with me. He raised his right hand and agreed.