Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Omg it's only Wednesday!?

Sleep eludes me.
It's like a really hot woman, and I'm a broke virgin with no ways to land her.
Sometimes I think my internal clock runs on another time zone. Maybe I'm on UK time?
I just get really sleepy when dawn arrives, not at night like the rest of the yanks.
It's taking its toll on me.
I finally manage some rest early in the am and dream of my boyfriend, and softball sized red ladybugs?
What does this all mean?
I get up finally and it's raining outside which just makes me more sleepy.
I shower and do the usual cleaning of my piercing.
Once I'm out the shower, I clean piercing further with a qtip, have to get under my earlobes and get all that dried up gunk out.
Holy shit, as I'm manipulating piercing, I have a little dab of puss!
Oh no, I'm scared, is my piercing infected?
I text my niece who is my piercing buddy, we actually text each other ear puns all day, so I give her notice that my ear may be infected and well on it's way to falling off. I really need to finish my novel before my ear falls off, I can't say I actually cut it off for my art ala Vincent Van gogh, if it falls off before then.
She tells me that she had a little bit too and that she read that it sometimes a part of healing process and as long as it's not green or yellow, it's ok.
Well my puss was very opaque, so I may still be in the I mean clear.
I continue to get ready for work.
I actually think I'm making good time until I get in my shakey car and drive.
There is traffic and construction all over the place.
I park in the funhouse garage and then book it to work.
I have no time for coffee yet.
I get to work and I'm with preggers who's on a phonecall so she hasn't said Hi to me yet.
I love that she says Hi, unlike stick in the ass who would never acknowledge me.
I punch in, get my credentials, boot up computers and then answer a phonecall.
Ugh it's a sales rep for the drug Nexium.
She handed out discount cards on the medication and was doing a follow up.
I got stuck talking to her for five minutes about Nexuim. Blah super boring. She was a peppy morning person and I just wanted to just interrupt her and tell her to tone it down, we're still trying to wake up on this end.
I was polite enough.
I head to production and my pharmacist is all done with her phonecall, she gives me a proper goodmorning and all is well again.
I actually get through three pages of filling prescriptions rather quickly today, then the next hour drags but I do what I can.
There's some man who walks in and is mumbling to me, the pharmacist gets involved and this guy is asking if he can have a needle or buy one. He obviously can't, you need a script for that.
His thin frame, pasty complexion and long sleeves scream I am a heroin addict.
It's only 11am, shit he wants to get high.
The next customer is some tourist who is asking what do we recommend for appendix pain, is there a cream or pill for that?
I tell her no sweetie, you need to go to Dr. there is no cure for appendicitis only removal, and hurry cos if it ruptures yikes!
She says she's on Holiday and doesn't want to waste her time in a hospital.
I swear some people are buffoons.
I'm in the wrong line of work.

When the other tech comes in, we have to tackle the schedule.
I was dreading this because I don't think I can work Thursday nights.
But apparently, it's not so dire and my schedule can remain the same.
The pharmacist was asking if I could come in at 8am from now on, but unfortunately cannot because have to drop my daughter off at school.
 When my shift is done, I head back to the garage, as I'm turning the corner am bombarded by a group of college kids who are trying to get me to donate money to Refugees from Syria, children mostly.
I tell the guy, I'm sorry I have no cash on me and he gets super excited. He pulls out an Ipad and has a form with a debit or credit card info collector.
I say I can't donate a thing right now. He actually asks me "Why can't you, What's stopping you today?"
 I tell him, listen I have my own kid to take care of here in the states and I've just gone broke with school supplies and uniforms.
He smiles and says "Oh, oh okay, totally understandable!"
That's right its understandable college boy! I'm sure your PARENTS paying your overblown tuition feel the same way paying your educational pursuit, whilst you're standing around on a street corner on a Wednesday afternoon panhandling money for a far away cause that frankly I have never heard of. Go to class and learn something!
Wow, college at it's best.
Your poor parents, and poor me, leave me alone am trying to make rent right now and groceries and talk out of a broken smartphone that needs replacing so bad.
I'd give my possibly infected right ear now for a semi decent smartphone.
I head back to the garage and push intercom box and wait for someone to let me in so I can go home, my feet hurt.
Five whole minutes go by and nothing.
I see some delivery guy and flag him down to open door for me, the fucker actually keeps going!
Omigosh who does that!
I would never be so impolite.
What is wrong with some people. Finally some sweet woman lets me in and I'm so grateful. I drive home and do nothing.
My house is a bloody mess, it's really just let itself go.
I don't clean when I'm depressed, garbage pails are overflowing, kitty litter box reeks, dishes and things are in the sink, clothes are everywhere.
I'm really gross right now.
I just don't want to do anything.
All I've been doing is just watching the whole downloaded series of Big Love on my laptop and wishing I was a polygamist or in a polyandry relationship so someone else can pitch in and care for me.
I want sisterwives or at least be living with two husbands.
I don't mind sharing. Someone else babysit and work for me and clean up so I can sleep.
I have a huge heart, I can love more than one person. I have a man's libido anyways so this all works out!

My daughter gets dropped off and she's okay, she had a good third day at school. Tomorrow I drop her off and head back to work.
I wish it was Friday already, I want to drink. Like really drink.
It's all I wish I could do now is just drink all day, and write or just drink and sleep.

I'm tired all over.
I have to email my friend the remaining chapters of the book I have no idea how to do this.

All I've had is coffee, I don't know what to eat?
I have no desire for food right now.
So that's all folks.
Talk to you again real soon.


Ellie Belle said...

Wish I had a phone for ya....

I am so glad that you are writing in here again, I love your blogs dont get me wrong but your writing style is great and I have missed it.

Good deal that Miss B is enjoying her new school so far.

I hope the anti-depression fairy comes to visit you soon, maybe with some free wine ;) Take care, you are strong and an inspiration!