Saturday, August 17, 2013

glasses n bars


Peridot (G+P) said...

Cheers to drinking like you're studying at Otago :p

Yeah I've started long commenting today, got work this arvo and this is stopping me from freaking out. Bite me.

My optometrist was kind creepy, mainly because he complimented me on my nice healthy retinas. (He mainly saw elderly chain-smokers)

Meep! I'm so glad you got her the appointment and found out she didn't have any of the preemie eye probs :D

Ugh, Forgetful Nitpicky Hypocrites can STFU. You're doing fucking amazing considering all they shit that has happened in the last few years. I got no choice in what I got, you let your girl pick! It's awesome!

If anyone starts to tease her at all, point to all the BAMFs who wear glasses and people hassle them for it and they ignore it and roll on. (I love the 10th Doctor. Doesn't need 'em, wears empty frames to make himself look smarter and people take him more seriously when he's being brilliant)


What kind of fucking idiot removed the jewellery from an infected piercing? It keeps it open so it can drain! Look after it and keep it clean and you should be fine. Think critically when people try to scaremonger you with BS. Listen to pro piercers and people with piercings coz they know their shit.

Salt water is amazing, I did salt-water rinses and used tea-tree oil from the bodyshop on my navel piercing to keep it clean and lubricate it so I could turn it easily to stop it healing to the bar. I got mine done at a shitty place so it got infected and they said it looked fine -.- Douchebags.

Suffering for your art, 'Ear 'Ear! Ugh, editing is unbEARable! I can't bEAR it. It's just so bloody long!

Take care of the ear and your lovely self <3