Tuesday, February 11, 2014


So Yesterday I worked at the Pharmacy on the beach.
I actually got a good night's sleep, no nightmares.
I wake up refreshed in the morning ready to tackle the world, or at least work.
I don't set my GPS yet because I'm fairly certain I can find the Pharmacy on my own, Its not until I get on the wrong ramp entering Miami Beach that I get lost, very lost!
There's a detour I follow all the while trying to activate the GPS and steer which doesn't work.
I end up following the detour all the way to the freeway ramp leading me out of the beach!
I text my Boss and let her know I will be late.
This time I set the GPS and get on the right ramp arriving at work only 10-15 minutes late.
Everyone does a double take at the new hair color.
At this pharmacy everyone is Blonde.
No one likes my hair color. One of the technicians asked me if someone actually died!
Good thing I was in a positive mood and didn't care what she said, besides my ass looks better than hers *sticks tongue out*
Customers were okay but the store wasn't. We were so behind on everything I spent half my shift apologizing and then rectifying.
I love my Pharmacist on duty a Dirty Blonde divorcée, but boy is she an airhead.
Yikes 7 pgs. in production and the queue!
It was an easy shift overall.
A male tech comes in the pharmacy, we'll call him Joker cos he is.
He makes me laugh and blush the entire shift.
He makes everyone laugh, my favorite is when he takes shots at the customers and they laugh oblivious to being the butt of the joke.
At some point he looks at me and says I love to make pretty girls laugh, I say "Oh really? Well you know what I say if you can't make me laugh, you probably won't make me wet either!"
The joker roars in laughter and bows before me in awe.
Work was nice although busy, but I stayed positive through it and that is what counts.

When I get out of work I drive home (not lost) and it's fine.
I drink plenty of water and eat a lunchable whilst watching "Idiot Abroad" on Netflix.

In the night I tossed and turned into the wee hours.
I became incredibly congested in my sinuses and found it hard to catch my breath too.
This morning I wake up on my own accord and am only slightly tired? Still congested but I have pills for that.
Restless in bed I get up and work out.
I'm on the Elliptical for an hour, I do weights and a little Yoga even too.
I shower and am ready for work. Bed is made, house clean, took vitamins, had a granola bar for breakfast, I even have time to Blog...
I feel positive again. I am a little nervous too, thinking about Macy Gray's ugly cousin ruining my disposition by making my job harder.
I guess this is the challenge, to rise above it.
So I'll try.
My daughter has Pink Eye. Yesterday morning her school calls me as I'm in the shower, my ex gets her and needs the Insurance card, I'm literally lathered up from head to toe in soap, one leg shaved even. I pop out the shower and comically go outside to hand him the card. he has the nerve to be annoyed for being kept waiting! Thank the Western World for Divorce.
He's taken her to the clinic and she has some antibiotic eye drops to fill.
I'm at the chaotic store today so he will actually stop by with her to fill them there. I get to see my daughter and so do my coworkers.
I like when she visits me at work, I want her to be proud of her momma.
See that I work hard to make our little life possible.
The mere fact of seeing her even if for a few minutes makes the workday more bearable.
It's a long 8hr shift but I feel okay, I hope the rest of the day continues this way.
I'm happy to be here, to have this opportunity to share my joys and good days with you all.
Not all days are bad, it's just our take on it.

Okay that's it, let's get this workday started.
Stay positive.
I'll talk to you all real soon.


Anonymous said...

Nice read but umm *clearing throat* "At some point he looks at me and says I love to make pretty girls laugh, I say "Oh really? Well you know what I say if you can't make me laugh, you probably won't make me wet either!" The joker roars in laughter and bows before me in awe" .. DISCULPA !?!?

Ellie Belle said...

You are such a strong and admirable person. I adore you. Your positive outlook is just so impressive.
You keep doin what yer doin and everything will fall right into place.
I am always here for you.
Big Hugs