Friday, June 1, 2012

Felicity-less Friday


Sam said...

Sad day about the season ending, but there is always re-watching. Congrats on the writing. Can't wait til your finished and we are able to take a look!

Don't you hate when people say that. I mean part of me knows they mean well but I'm just like, thanx for pointing out my fatness! Sorry your x isn't being supportive. My dad's the same way and it get's hard when you know that the people in your life are against it. I guess all that matters is that your guy is supportive. That's what matters.

If you're looking for shows to watch I recommend Parks and Recreation! I don't know if you can watch that but it's on the internet.

Have a fab summer and stay healthy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lou,
I just love you blog/vlogs..
I just about have read or watched everything you recommend lol
I think you're a beautiful person and I know deep down inside how much you struggle everyday with your recovery because I'm here reading and secretly rooting you on, I wish you could find the support group you need, I've been in one for one complete year now and it's changed my life so much, I've met wonderful people and have finally found that support that was always missing from my family and friends. Your boyfriend sounds like he loves you very much to try to help you in acheiving this, as for being "healthy" I know thats a big no no scary word that means FAT when you hear it, but in your case you're far from that, I wish you could see just how stunning you look, you're funny, smart and gorgeous!
Try to keep one small meal down a day, fight those b/p urges and please stay awaay from laxatives, I've had a siezure already, woke up in the hospital with 25 stitches and half of my hair shaved off, I want better for you. Congrats on writing, I know whatever it is it will be a great success, maybe one day we'll all get to see it for sale in a bookstore..Thanks for Felicity recommendation great show, omg BEN!
I can tell you to watch Heros, its a good show you'd get into that or maybe even Mad Men, I know you love the 50's..stay strong!