Saturday, June 9, 2012



perryfuckinA said...

I'm so sorry love, wish you didn't have to go through that today.
Look on the brightside and try to stay positive,
as you said maybe there was a higher purpose for the car breaking down.
I wish there was something I could do for you, I hate to see you sad.
Take a shower and head to bed, don't turn to the ED today, don't punish yourself for things that are not your fault.
Please be safe Lou, and feel better.
Here if you wanna talk.
I love you to bits.


Anonymous said...

Im so sorry bout your car, i know its not much comfort but at least it didnt breeak down when you were alone and then what if you had a horrible panic attack?
At least you had your bf there to help right??
i hope something can be done to fix it even if its later..i agree with perryfuckinA don't punish ureself, dont let Ed be there for you, if youre gunna be sad then be sad, but no laxatives or bp either. that wont help sweetie, ure too good for that.
i hope you feel better soon. stay strong, beautiful and positive, things will get better for you soon, something great ull see :)