Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot Child in the City

Well I did it, yesterday no B/p yay!
No laxatives either, I drank liquids all day, so much that I ballooned all the way to 115lbs..
Pissing the morning away, I feel better.
I think all lax flushed out of my system, no more chest pains. I'm in a better mood, focused and ready to start fresh and get back on track. I won't let Mia get the best of me again, too dangerous. I'll stick to counting calories and exercising.
Child Support was a total bust the only thing they could tell me is that my case is closed, we haven't seen a mediator or judge yet to establish payment, so until then all I get is a notarized letter saying I get zilch.
The joys of a failed marriage.
Here are pics as promised. I've braved the city on foot and have massive sunburn in thanks to it, also as I was leaving a hobo approached me for a quarter all the while eyeing my camera and purse, I told him I didn't have anything and he said he didn't care and was a "bad boy" thus proceeding to ask me for my phone number?
Why do I attract only weirdos and losers?
Ugh, The Boy asked me how do you know when you're in love? omg if this kid tells me he's fallen in love with me, I'm gonna shave my head and swing Umbrellas around in front of paps!
Happy Tuesday keeps emailing me, says he misses me, says I'm not his fuck buddy that he cares a great deal for me..grrrr!
I don't like this Bermuda Triangle I'm stuck in. Is there another contestant on this LOVE GAME SHOW?
And so my walk begings with gummy worms, because that's a good breakfast..and also the strangest thing I've seen in my neighborhood to date. Enjoy.

LOL what do you see wrong with this picture?

I have to make another trip out here after my therapy, need to run more errands and visit "Narnia" aka my Public Library, more pics and details later..
Take care everyone, and thank goodness for fresh starts and Willpower!


MadelinaCooke said...

It's great that you didn't indulge in any Mia activities! I find it so hard not to, so you're very inspiring to me. Your city looks beautiful by the way. I hope everything is well!

PixieRatfeet said...

Why does someone have a stuffed hyena on their balcony?! Truly odd x

Dani said...

yay for b/p free thats great hun
i love the pics
ha sour gummy works love those

Peridot (G+P) said...

Beat mia LIKE A BOSS!

You're hanging out in the wrong neighborhood. Come here and corrupt some nice Kiwi blokes :p

I'd say 'Happy Tuesday' can go fuck himself. He's had his chances, BUBI LOSER, DON'T COME BACK NOW, YA' HEAR?!? Honestly, I want to clip him a smart one around the ear (at minimum) for jerking you around like this. Lol, think of him as practise for being a 'bitch' and putting YOUR OWN HAPPINESS first.

Something that pisses me off: Society dictates to chicks that we aren't a WHOLE, REAL PERSON unless we are attached to someone with a penis. FUCK. THAT. SHIT. The double-standards we are forced to swallow make me RAGE.

OMG SUNSHINE DOES STILL EXIST!! :D Snowing again today. . . DAMMIT!

Love you, gonna hie myself to your next post :) Sorry I've been a blog-neglecting tard lately :(


Peridot (G+P) said...

Fuck, did my last comment on this post go through?