Friday, July 22, 2011

Monkeys make bad pets


Sam said...

I wish there was somethig that I could say, or anyone could say, to make the pain that you are feeling disappear. I am so sorry about your housing, about your sister, about it all. Glad the boy has stuck by your side, shows that he truly does care about you. Just keep holdin' on cause the su will soon be up and the storm clouds gone. Love Ya.

small said...

Lou, I'm so sorry about your sister and the apartment. Relationships ebb and flow, hopefully your sister will see the error of her ways and apologize.

I know it must be very disappointing about the housing. But I want you to know I like your space, you've done a great job of decorating it and turning it into a little nest and a home.

Sorry I haven't been posting but I lurk in your thread and check it several times a week.