Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Today is a bad day with Ed.
If I knew how to break it off with the bastard I would..
The scale is not my friend and projects a number that would dictate how my day will go. It tells me how to feel.
Whilst yesterday was a wonderful non triggering day, today not so much.
I didn't b/p or lax on Monday.
I feel like doing just that today..maybe later.
For now I had to head to the Post Office and pick up not one but two packages now.

My body hurts today, I have a Sunburn from Hell thanks to my sister who kept basting me with tanning oil insisting color will stick.

I should have known better, I think I seriously am suffering from first degree burns.

I head to the Post Office and then back home.
I'm tired today and already fed up with Ed, I need to just be still somewhere.
The first package is a scarf, it's the American Flag. My fake British Facebook Boyfriend Perry sent it to me.
A note is attached and I'm affectionately dubbed "My little Blonde Yank."

The second package is a book!
Weeee I love books :)
It's from the very beautiful and sweet blogger désespérée de maigrir
Her Blog is called Je voudrais mourir pour être mince.
The book is for my daughter, it's called "The Search for Delicious" by Natalie Babbit.

I must say I'm hooked.

The first paragraph reads like this..

"There once was a time when the Earth was still very young, a time some call the oldest days. This was long before there were any people about to dig parts of it off. People came along much later, building their towns and castles (which nearly always fell down after a while) and plaguing each other with quarrels and supper parties. The creatures who lived on the earth in that early time stayed each in his own place and kept it beautiful. There were dwarfs in the mountains, woldwellers in the forests, mermaids in the lakes, and, of course winds in the air."

Thank you so much for this, it's an enchanting story from what I've read so far.

So I b/p 1x today but later on in the day ate fruit and dairy and kept that down.
I managed to workout afterwards and even slept seven hours today.
I'm trying.

I'll get there.
Oh and today I found this as I was about to take a shower.

Centipede, Millipede?
It's certainly impeding on my personal space I'll say!
Panicked like the woman I am before deciding to spray the thing to death with raid and then cringed in horror to remove it out my tub.

This only happens to me.


Anonymous said...

Centi/millpedes are literally my worst fear. Spiders? Little wormy things in old rice packages? Long hairs in my mother's cooking? NBD. But one of those fuckers walks across my floor and I'm standing on a chair screaming my head off. Icky bastards.

Anonymous said...

You said "like the woman you are," implying hysteria and weakness, neither of which I would ever use to describe you or the women in my life. Please please please read this article: