Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm keeping my Food baby

Today was one of those days where everything that could happen did.

I woke up at 6am this morning extremely tired but still content that I had an hour more to sleep.
It started raining suddenly, the sound of trickling and tapping against my window pane was like a lullaby.
Lately the sound of water has been helping me doze off on nights I don't drink. An app I downloaded from Itunes "Sleep Stream 2."
It was the cat who sat on my chest that woke me up, when I look at the clock it's already 7:30 and that means we're late.
The cat gets shoved off and lands somewhere in the dark room.
I stumble out of bed and go wake my daughter up for school, I tell her we're late and it's time to rush.
My daughter did her best to keep up with me, I had to dress myself and her. I was so tired, it started to rain again outside. We would have to drive to school today, no time to walk there, especially in this sudden downpour.
I stepped on both cats numerous times and almost fell over one as there was a knock at my front door.
My daughter is finishing her bagel and I tell her to stay put. It's the manager and owner of the building again.
This time I have to greet them outside, sign whatever out there too. I had no time left to hide any pets today.
My copy of the lease was given and initials on some page or another. My daughter kept turning the door knob. I made the face..
The face you make when you want the other person to vamoose!
After they leave it's time to go to school.
When I get back I have a phone call from the Housing office.
I'm to drop off some notarized letter stating I have no further income from my ex other than child support.
Great that meant I had to bother him for this favor.
The case worker wanted me to drop it off downtown at her office at 10am.
Sure lady.
I call whatshisface and tell him the news.
"Yeah just tell me where to sign." he says still asleep.
I write some bs letter and tell him to come over.
I check my wallet to make sure I can even cover the notary fee, after the lone moth flies out of my wallet, I see a ten dollar bill that would suffice.
The letter is done and my ex is in some kind of rush today.
"Let's drop this off now."
I don't know why I agreed.
The case worker was off to lunch and I left the letter with a coworker of hers who reassured me that she would get it today.
I hope she does, guess I'll know tomorrow for sure.
When I get home I get a call from the CVS store manager who tells me I have my second interview tomorrow at 10:30am.
I have to tell my husband the news, my daughter has no school tomorrow and I can't take her with me, not too mention shell out ten more dollars for parking downtown.
He's "happy" for me. Hopes I get the job.
He also wants to tag along while I do the interview.
This is a no no.
I don't mind being dropped off, and then I could walk the four miles back home. I have no problems with walking at all.
I don't care the distance.
When I get back home again, I missed the UPS man again.
My daughter is home from school and I tell her the good news, Mommy has a job.
My daughter says to me in her most sincere voice "Mommy I'm so happy for you."
Aww that's my baby.
My sister calls an hour later to confirm her visit, she'll be here Friday night. She wants me to make a Baked Ziti for her to "eat."
We'll be beach bound all weekend. I don't know what's going to happen, but worst case scenario we'll both be two b/p monsters.

Now my weight is shit right now.
I told myself to
just eat today something small and don't think about it.
So I did.
Oh boy what a mistake.
I felt so full, I hardly ate anything how is this possible, not to mention the instant bloating.
I want to purge it, it even feels like it wants to come up on it's own.
I tell my daughter lets go for a walk.
The walk is horrible at first.
I feel like I'm about to have a panic attack.
All I could do was pray that I wouldn't. I asked God to please see me through this.
Halfway mark and it's too late to turn around, I would have the attack here or on the way back home.
Finally I calmed down and just tried to enjoy the scenery. It's Twilight out and that's always comforting to me.
The sights and smells of Eight street were distraction enough.
I made it without incident.


Jenn said...

Oh My GOd I'm gonna bust a fuckin spring!!!!! SO happy for you Darlin!!! I want to come to FL now and jump up and down and play ring around the rosy.