Monday, April 16, 2012

Welcome Lady Wagon!

I'm sipping on wine and catching up on Blogs.
I may post again later on today, maybe.
 I'll actually have company today seeing as how I'll be childless next three days.
Wish I could say more but I've promised this person that I wouldn't drag them into this whole Blogger Universe.
I'll say this one thing about them though, they make me happy.

Moving along, there is a blog I've just discovered that needs followers.
If you love me you will follow.
I've been reading her post and she reminds me of a former version of myself when I first started my Blog.
I like reminiscing, and I am proud to say I've grown much over these years writing on Blogger.
So Bloggers unite and follow "One foot in front of the other."
Let's show support, it takes a lot to put yourself out there and click send.
Sometimes our very personal thoughts can get misconstrued, we're judged and even bashed.
It's not easy to put yourself out there in any case, but once you do, you've earned my respect and admiration, so please continue Bloggers, keep putting yourselves out there.
What you say and write me always.
So on behalf of Blogger..WELCOME!
Stick around,
 the neighborhood is nice and so are the people.

I love reading Blogs, so if by any chance there are some I haven't followed or am unaware of, please send me your link so I may follow.

In other news I'm missing my friend who's back in treatment.
I've been Mia-free for three days but I've taken laxatives today to purge today's meal *sighs*
I feel really sick now, doubled over actually.
When will I learn?

Ttyl if I have time.


Making Changes...One Step At A Time said...

Thanks Lou! You're awesome! <3
Nikki :)

Jenn said...

Guess what I went out and got that book "The Search For Delicious" to read to my kids (from the library). So thanks to your friend from me too. I'll start it tonight