Friday, April 20, 2012

In an Instant..

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désespérée de maigrir said...

Your little peanut is so cute! I love her! :)

Have you ever seen the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop? It's about graffiti - you should try and see it.

How's your kitty feeling? Did the vet suggest any special food for her? I know they can often treat urinary conditions with prescription food - it's more expensive than normal cat food, but its essentially medicine... I'm sure she's at least feeling fine after her surgery. It's so good you were able to get her spayed - she'll live a much longer, happier life because of the decreases risk of a TON of health problems.

Ok, I'm rambling now... have a super weekend - I just sent you an email and I'm going to look at the tracking on that other book I ordered.

Anonymous said...

You're so beautiful Lou, inside and out, hope things turn around for you.
Who's the special person? do tell!
Good luck and keep blogging