Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Food baby

I had a bowl of soup yesterday and even some cheesecake,
the flu has me delusional I think. I'm actually eating something and not really thinking about the consequences of it just yet.

Today oh boy HUGE mistake.
I can't believe how unhappy the scale has made me.
Now I have to back peddle which I hate. I was doing so well.

I have no patience for digestion, I can't sit around and hope that my bloated body will come around and distribute the nutrients evenly and maybe I didn't actually gain. I can't keep this Food baby.
I just don't know how to eat anymore. I can't stand the feeling of food sitting in me.
All day I struggled on what I should do, in the end I bp and binged on two boxes of laxatives.

I purged blood today and I'm starting to get a bad case of Vertigo again, I haven't felt dizzy like that in months. Usually dizzy spells go, but not today. I don't know if maybe its remnants of the flu.

I didn't work out either which I should've. I've been a useless lump on the couch watching Felicity and thinking the whole time, God I will never be skinny.
I get more pathetic each day.

My sister is on her own spiral.
Her and her hubby fight more and more.
She actually went to red Lobster all by herself only to b/p in their restroom half and hour later.
We started talking about the summer plans..
She wants me up there in Orlando for a week, but the way things are going with her husband, she needs a getaway.
She asked me if it was okay to spend the summer here in Miami instead in my apartment. She promised that we'd go be beach bums together and spend nights having drinks at bars, shopping and overall just being two monkeys.
What am I going to say no?
Of course she can come. We'll figure out the logistics of things once she's actually here.
Hopefully the b/p won't get too out of hand, we don't have the same kinda Ed, but it can get a bit testy. Hope I don't get too irritated if at all.

On the plus side I think the flu is dissipating, I'm feeling much better, my boyfriend looks much worse, I think our Superflu mutation found a host in him instead, hope he feels better soon.

I downloaded this weight loss app that I thought was helpful at first and now is just overall pissing me off, it keeps track of loss and gains and tracks your goal weight, kinda like a ticker.
Hmm this recent gain makes me realize its an annoying app.
I won't delete it, it makes me accountable and makes me stare at my mistakes whether I like it or not.

In other news here in Miami, we're having a bout of Zombie attacks, yea you read right Zombies. Two homeless men got into some kind of argument and apparently one ate the other's face right off, he even growled, police had to put him down. What is this world coming to, yikes, don't they know how many calories are in a face!

Miami Zombie Killer and Aftermath

I hope the rest of em hurry up and get here then maybe the rationing of food supplies will finally make me drop some weight.
I'll be running for my life also so at least I'll get in a good workout.
I'm currently scouting Mansions on Miami Beach to see which one Bill Murray owns so I can takeover and hold up happily with my kid and my boyfriend.
I hear J-Lo's place is nice too, it's always good to have a plan B.

Okay that's it, gunna find something to do with myself before the lax sickness starts.
Nite all and watch out for those walking dead out there and I don't mean the catwalk either.


ruby-tuesday said...

Lol!! 'Don't they know how many calories are in a face?'


Peridot (G+P) said...

"eating something and not really thinking about the consequences of it" doesn't sound like delusional thinking to me, it sounds more like non-disordered eating o.O

Yay for the flu going away!

I hate the tracking part of those apps. I weigh myself daily but only enter it into Fitday on Thursdays so the constant rollercoaster doesn't drive me to binge. (I can't lax when I'm at work, so I have to keep the food)

Holy fuck! Humans are very closely related to pigs, and we (reportedly) taste like pork. Do you think long pork (human) has the same calories as pork or do you think it would be the same as beef?

Lol, every flat I've lived in has had a Zombie Plan and a Raptor Plan made for it. Living with The Boy was easiest, we were going to climb on the roof and let Ink and Gremlin (The cats) and Anika (Neighbour's dog) deal with the menaces. Here I'd blow out the walkway to my door and barricade myself into the crawlspace in case they got through the wall from my neighbours.

Good luck and stay away from the zombies!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the flu is going away but sad you're having a tuff time keepin food down.
I hope the lax doesn't hurt you too much sweetie.

Omg zombies!
lmfao "Don't they know how many calories are in a face?"
you're too funny, i love you and your blog so much.
Feel thinner!