Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So I'm sick and so is my kid, I actually think I'm running a fever?
My kid is having an allergic reaction to something, what I don't know..

I've b/p 2x today and that doesn't help with the sore throat, nor does it help with the sinus pressure I'm experiencing.

I hate being sick, I hate feeling lazy.

So this picture I posted is a test, looks like I can post pics again yay!
My very kind Brittish mate has been ever so kind as to pay for extra GB..aww I love you to bits Perry.
This pic was his suggestion btw (O.o)
Omg just look at that..that dog has creepy eyes? LOL

Ugh I hate bulimia, I don't know if I've ever mentioned that or not?
I wish I could just restrict again, why is eating anything so hard?
I hate my scale, my jeans (cries) my jeans don't fit..

I hate my stupid gelatinous body, I think I resemble an ugly green jello mold that sits at parties untouched because of chopped canned pineapples inside of it.
 It just giggles when the occasional party guest bumps into it.
I'm tired of jiggling.

Blah wish I was somebody else.

Okay pity party over with.

On a much happier note feel really inspired and plan to work on my novel tonight, I'm just going to write and not care so much.
I worry so much about whether what I wrote is relevant or not I completely miss the point entirely and that's that writing is fun to me, my thing and no one Else's, I shouldn't care if its good or not, I should just have fun with it and my characters that I love and miss a lot.
So that's it, I'm feverish and dehydrated.
My weight is a mess and my hair is so dry I'm seriously thinking about chopping it all off for the summer.
Thinking mind you..

Hope you all are well and a better post tomorrow.
I've also been glued to Netflix and Felicity..oh boy I need to get a life.

Once again yay, I can post pics again.
*happy dance*


Anonymous said...

Yay for pics, and omg no I don't think the dogs eyes are more distracting them some coochie lips lmfao
Hope you and your daughter feel better, I know you hate your Ed but try your best to not purge when sick, oh thats so bad sweetie, gosh I worry about you so much.
I think you are effing gorgeous and Im so jealous of your body, you're not Jello, u couldnt be jello if you tried.
Feel better and tell ED to eff off!


Fat Bastard said...

Are you sure you want to post that pix. I'm not complaining. I'd love to taste that cookie.