Saturday, May 19, 2012

Here to Stay!

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Anonymous said...

Yay Lou!
Omg I was worried that you were never gunna blog again, I thought I would have to stalk you in person now lol
glad no bp monster today, you look radiant on this vlog and youre too funny as usual.
hope gyno/breast exam can be sorted.
hope you can figure out how to post pics, i love your picture posts and you and your blog in general NEVER GO AWAY!
you gave me a heart attack yesterday lol
stay strong and good luck :)

perryfuckinA said...

You better keep blogging!
Glad you're feeling better sweetheart.
Don't worry about pics, I'm sure there's a solution, I'm sure if two Pisces can put their heads together we can remedy that problem in no time.
Get on the gyno app, you need to get that sorted, I know you don't care for being groped but it's all for a good cause..cause you need to take care of yourself silly..
Keep up the non b/p cycle and keep writing, you're good at it and a lot of ppl look foward to you as inspiration, I know you've helped my sister a lot at times and I always look forward to posts and vlogs :)
I agree with Anon, you look radiant..
Love you to bits