Saturday, May 26, 2012

Party Girl


ruby-tuesday said...

hey lou,

You really have a big heart going to the party for your kids sake even though it's probably the last place you want to go.

I can relate a lot to the binging and purging. It's a never ending cycle for me. At the moment I really feel like I'm in limbo, my body is craving food and weight gain but my eating disordered mind craves restriction and weight loss. It's really a tug of war.

I like that you always see the humour in situations. I think if I didn't have my sense of humour (even if it is black humour) I would crack up for sure.

Anyway, I hope the party goes well for you and you enjoy yourself.

Much love x

perryfuckinA said...

Oi listen here beautiful,
You have a heart of gold for going to a party when you're clearly very sad, you're a great mum.
I'm sorry that wanker flaked on the party, if you were mines you wouldn't go anywhere alone, and especially not dressed like that rrrr!
You look good enough to eat ;)
I hope you have a great time in spite of it all, wish I was there then it be a real party.
Love you to bits..


Anonymous said...

Lou you rock!
I hope you cheer up dollface and have a great time.
I think you look HOTT!
Have fun today and I wish I could be there with u