Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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Happy Memorial Day all.
There is nothing happy about it, today is the sickest I've been.
Is there such a thing as a sinus infection because that's what it feels like today. My face hurts to the touch.
My sinuses feel like they are flooded with burning water.

I got pretty drunk all by myself last night, I had a headache that would not go away so I decided to drink it away.
That didn't work, after the headache didn't numb itself out, I started to feel really sad.
That's never a good sign, that usually means I drank way too much and I'm a hop, sip and away from Alcohol poisoning.
I took myself to bed immediately after and toss and turned all night.
I feel so terrible today, I would cry but that would hurt too so I won't.

Sick as I am though I decided I wanted to get out the house.
I want to see a movie. Nothing good is playing but I needed out of this vortex.

Got dressed and headed to the mall, but not before picking up my kid to join me.
We decided to go see Men in Black 3.

Snow White!?? wtf where's Hello Kitty!

 Men in Black 3 was okay, the characters really look older it was very distracting to me. The plot was good although it was rushed, would have loved more of an Agent K back story but it didn't happen.
The younger version of Agent K played by the delicious Josh Brolin was great. He was funny and delightful to watch.
My daughter didn't care too much for the movie, I think I chose to go see a movie a week too soon, Madagascar 3 comes out June 8th, I'll take her to that also.
Snow White comes out next week, I definitely want to see that, maybe I'll make it a habit of taking myself out every once in awhile.
I shared popcorn with my daughter and had too much soda, no b/p today AT ALL!
I'm not even worried about what I ate.

I see my boyfriend tomorrow who is equally as sick as me.
I wonder what happens when two sick people get together?
One can only hope to create a new mutation of Superflu, or maybe we'll cancel out each other's sickness?
Either way I'm looking forward to just being in the same room as him, wish it was tomorrow already.

So now I'm going to shower and drink more medicine, try to feel something other than sore.
Nite all.