Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day


Jenn said...

I WAS JUST GONNA SAY WELBUTRIN but I didn't want to until you said it. But I take it, been taking it for 3 years. It is my understanding that either it gives you seizures or it doesn't. Does that make sense? If you take it and don't get a seizure, you're not going to get one if you're active in your ED either. That is my understanding anyway. I would totally recommend it. I love it.

Oh Hon!! you don't deserve to be sad ever and I hope you find the right cocktail for you asap. Please keep me posted

OH another RAD thing about welbutrin, there's no "withdrawal" when you go off of it. Other drugs, you have this long sucky side effect period when you get ON, and then to get OFF, you have to taper for 6 months or you can get really sick and it's just not cool.

take care baby.

Peridot (G+P) said...


Also: Booooo last Vlog of the week :'(

Pretties! :D KITTEH!!! OMG AWESOME WATCH!!!1! I have the same problem, make new holes in the strap so it fits. Ooooh nice stationary! YAY KITTEH STICKERS!! Awwww, pretty card. Yay for creepy self-portraits XD I love how kids draw houses. OMG MOVING INCENTIVE!!

Definitely talk to the therapist if you think taking it at night will work better. I didn't get drowsiness so I've kept with taking mine in the morning.

Fuck! SSRIs give you a 50/50 chance to lose or gain. This isn't good if it's making you less stable in the head-space. *Hugs* Google is GOD for finding out med interactions. Have a poke around to see what others have done and experienced, ok?

There won't be peace coz you won't be there to experience it. Trust me, you don't want your last minutes to be filled with only what you're experiencing now.

*HUGSHUGSHUGSHUGSHUGSHUGSHUGS* Please talk to your therapist about feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Fucking ED voice! I don't have BDD in any way, so my see-saw is fairly mild since the meds kicked in. The problem is waiting for them to kick in and fighting to get some fucking therapy to help my head once they did. Docs here are quite happy to throw pills at you and leave you to rot.

You know what you should do? PAINT!! Crank some funky, interesting music and paint.

The hubby is an IDIOT. The fun times will come back. You've had a taste of freedom, don't give it up so easily. Wait and strengthen your wings so you can bust the fuck out of the cage and fly free when the chance comes.

You're NOT letting him down! Shit happens, he should understand THAT! (If he doesn't then he's a big a tosser as the hubby and only worth a shagging and nothing long-term.)

I'm going to write Nana a letter and tell her EXACTLY what I think of her :3 I may read it on a Vlog so you guys can know how awesome she is. She's the only decent female role model I had and the only person I've looked up to for my e-n-t-i-r-e life.

Love you, Lou. You're not alone. Just remember that and wait for the sun. It will return.