Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blah Sunday


Peridot (G+P) said...


Yay no B/P!! You've beat it before, you can do it again. Believe in yourself and don't bash yourself up for any trip-ups, ok?

I love the togs in the self portrait! I wish I could find swimming togs like that here :(

I'm having a Sad Panda day too. Didn't wake up until 1230 or put on normal people clothes until 3pm. Sucks. I reckon we should build blanket forts and hibernate in them until the sads pass.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait to see that when its finished! Don't scrap it, change it. Elf Queen or something. StumbleUpon has so much inspiration for art.

You're not a shit person. You're an awesome person with a fucked-up comping mechanism and a penchant for punishing yourself for imagined screwups.

*Cuddles* I'm scared of that too. Here in NZ you don't get medical attention for mental illness unless you cut your fingers off and cook them or something like that. Until you're acting on your impulses and are near death, they do SFA. Fine until proven crazy. Yippee.

Lots of love to you! Sending anti-binge vibes your way. Sweet dreams!

EmptyShell said...

You aren't a bad person, you a great person and a great mom who developed a shitty habit at a vulnerable period in your life and now has to deal with the consequences.