Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saurday Night Vlog


Peridot (G+P) said...

Sent you a superlong FB message ^.^; Sorry!

Lol, I thought you'd be glad of a boring day after your crazy week :x


Ugh, fucking Mia. Stinky whorebag Mia.

I can share my Mum and/or Nana with you if you want :) The present I made my Mum got nicked by her brother in law, but she's cool with it though XD (I think he shouted her a session)

Calories with nutritional content=GOOD
Calories LACKING nutrients=BAD
Therefore, fruit calories=GOOD coz they're not "empty".

If you want to feel better you need to put yourself first. I'm behind you all the way if you want to recover. Last year I contemplated it while I forced myself to maintain, but the bingeing this year has freaked me right out. I don't think I could face trying to recover when I'm not sick enough for help.

The down feeling is a part of the adjustment period. Time and dosage adjustment will take it away. Sadly there is no such thing as a side-effect free pill :( Fuck how I wish there was!

I hope your daughter gets better quickly! A movie marathon on the couch with lots of fruit and water and Mum hugs would help her rest and heal fast.

Yupyup, slowing down the Mia-makeouts would be a good idea. Without the anxiety voice making you keep an eye on yourself you could get into deep shit really quickly.

Lots of soggy, flooded Dunners love to you <3