Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's written In the Stars ☾★


This sucks.
I'm a Pisces!
I'm too emotional for this..
I don't think I can date a Virgo, I don't get this. My friend is too calm for my taste?

                             Pisces Woman and Virgo Man ♥
"This is a 'not-so-happy' combination. The differences between these two zodiac signs become more pronounced, when the woman is Pisces and the man, Virgo. Virgo man is least likely to understand the emotional requirements of his sentimental partner, which will hurt her often. Pisces woman might come to a conclusion that her partner will never be able to satiate her emotionally. Also, the inability of Virgo man to express his feelings towards his spouse will make her dubious about his love for her. Unfortunately, this relationship is less likely to work, in the long run."

I think I'm getting a bit bored too.
He's a nice guy really but I need wooing dammit!
I don't like this 90/10 thing either, I'm not used to this. My therapist reassures me the risk is worth it. I guess I should listen but I've never been down this road before. I'm used to being pursued not the other way around.
I'm still at 111 which is better than 112 I suppose. I've consumed around 500 calories or so today and have burned 700 on Elliptical.
I've applied to three different jobs today and hope that one of em will have mercy and hire me. I have that stupid voice in my head that's shouting Purge Purge, but haven't today at all or yesterday too for that matter.
Two days?
I should be happier but I have a lot going on through this head of mines. I didn't sleep last night, I even chatted with my friend until about 3am.
It was nice, a lot of humor back and forth and then talk of how much we missed each other. Then it got down right nasty lol.
I hate that out of sight out of mind happens with me.
Apparently Virgos are calm and collected and not into romance, more loyalty really.
I don't wanna get bored but that could happen, I need reassurance unfortunately. There's a huge part of me that wants this to head nowhere, means I can't get hurt.
I can be safe and disordered, no pressure to get better for anyone.
I don't think I trust him either, I think he'll go back to his ex or simply think I'm too problematic, too many issues.
My tarot says he'll stick around, so will my husband and that coworker I have yet to meet, there will be a triangle?
Why do I always attract the oddballs?
Maybe I am an oddity myself.
At least I'm not triggered into b/p, just dealing with this all. I'm not even depressed or sad, just confused for once..
I think I wanna workout again, or dance around, something to get this out.
I think I want to start measuring my body parts too, how do I do that?
I've bought a tape measure but haven't used it. I want to know if my thighs are shrinking and how thin my arms are.
My daughter has field day tomorrow at school, she's excited. The school year is almost done. Her little behind is going straight to summer camp next month. I hope I can find a job already, I'm going mad in this house. I need interaction with things that aren't furry or electrical, ED related voiceovers, not to mention legally bound to me or has been birthed out of my vagina.

Should I be worried about this world ending Saturday business?
As is there isn't enough to fret over. I think we'll be just fine, but if not Jebus has my back...waaaaaay in the back.


Ally said...

In my opinion pisces are the people
but I may be biased since my mom is a pisces

Smallasapanda said...

I know it's hard to want him to stay, I know you don't want to get hurt, but sometimes it really does pay to take a chance!
A love triangle? That would be different!

That is so good you haven't purged for 2 days.
I hope you get some answers to your confusion.

Jenn said...

Bummer! I have a book called "the only astrology book you'll ever need" and I've never seen a combo as negative as mine and my husbands (Leo-me, Capricorn-him). Ours says things so crummy about us and they're TOTALLY true like I can totally relate when I read it. But then DUDE we've been married for 13 years and we LOVE each other so those differences don't matter for us. We make it work. Opposites attract bla bla....

maybe he'll be a good short term lover.

and I SURE HOPE the world doesn't end sat.


Mich said...

Thought it was kind of funny how that chart says I'm least compatible with Geminis. All but one of the guys I've ever dated were Geminis. And most of the relationships ended amicably, with no fighting or drama. :/ Weird.

Maybe he doesn't realize you'd like more romance? You could do a little something romantic, and then he'll get the hint. But if it doesn't work out in the long term, it can still be a fun fling! I hope it works out well for you, whatever happens. <3

It's been a while since we've had an apocalypse prediction. I see it as a good excuse to throw an awesome party. :D


Elara said...

In my opinion, the apocalypse nonsense is just a way for the fringe Evangelicals to get one over on the Mayans.

Sometimes you must beat a guy over the head. Wait for an especially lovely-dovey moment to tell him you enjoy this sort of romance, or force a moment. Cook for him or buy a small gift and when he jokingly asks, "What's the occasion?" and tell him then. Stop making excuses to undermine your own happiness!

Peridot (G+P) said...

NZ will see the rapture first, IF it happens. I'll msg you on FB and let you know :p

Google some guides fro measuring your body. thats what I do for updating FitDay for my BMI D:

Oooh, Mig&I are an 'Easy Match' Woot! :D

Every time the voice shouts at you, shoot it with an imaginary shotgun. It may help?

Huh, I have a lot of yarn scraps to recycle. . .

Ugh, pigeons. The only one I like is the Kereru, coz they fly WICKED cool when impressing the girls!

I'm going to use Hot Tamales as my Study Rewards now. Ugh, I hate food as a reward, but my addiction to cinnamon knows no sanity!

That bitch is some kind of feminist. I hate how she makes everyone feel awkward coz she can't suck it up and DEAL.

You'll have to measure your hands for me after I do another Milton run. There was wool there that would be PERFECT for you! I could do patterened mittens easier than actual gloves. I must experiment...

Looking forward to your weekend Vlogs :D