Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Wrap Up


Peridot (G+P) said...

Blargh headaches and bingeing suck :( *Hugs*

I have a bunch of lovely spuds from Dad's garden. I wish I could send you some! They are lovely skinned and boiled with a dash of salt :D

AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH I love that almost-storm feeling. I missed the storming yesterday thanks to work D:< NOT COOL!!

YAY FOR PERIOD!! Wait, you guys weren't using protection? WTF?? If you trust him to be clean can you trust the person he used to be with? D:< Chlamydia has NO symptoms and can deprive your daughter of younger siblings to torment! (I'm assuming the worst, since I've heard horror stories about your nations lack of Sex Ed/Awareness)

I find that once i start isolating people leave me behind. I feel kinda sad about the loss of close friendships and missing out on so much, but to be honest its a relief sometimes. Pretending to be happy for people is really exhausting.

You're stuck in unholy matrimony :p

If I was desperate I'd start stripping. I have the boobs and ass, but not the legs yet. My last resort would be prostituting myself. I've got friends in the industry here, and I know how it can be :/


That sounds really cool, to have a mentor. Its good money and she'd be looked after.

THUNDER! *Squee*

Its great that you guys still talk. Lol, some of my Exs are fucking wired about chatting now! XD Lol, dude be crazy jealous of anyone else who gets to see you nekkid now!

Have a good Monday and I hope it doesnt rain too hard at the graduation! <3