Sunday, June 5, 2011

Doctors Boo!


Peridot (G+P) said...

Ok, finished the note for The Waiting Years, time for a long comment! :D

Nuuuuuuuu last video D': You have my sympathies for the heat outside :( *Cool Dunners hugs*

Its better to know than not know, trust me. Ignorance is bliss, but sometimes its just ignorance.

It does take a lot of trial and error, but ti IS worth it in the end. I was unlucky enough that the first meds seemed to work ok, and never got any followup. Yeah, not cool!

*Huggles* Sending you non-cancer energy <3

Nibble something to try to get your slow-ass metabolism moving a bit and to prevent any starvation bing triggers *Growly face*

%-1? You're a midget! Teehee XD

People can be incredibly blind. If they're not specifically looking for and ED they won't find it. Trust me.

You got it on your own terms, you wanna get rid of it on your own terms. Fair go!

Love you